Cover Letter for MBA Freshers Job Application

Below is the cover letter for MBA freshers to apply for jobs in marketing, finance, hr. This letter describes the objectives and discusses your main subjects, showing your skills and interests for a particular job. In addition, this cover letter discusses all the projects you did during your time at university in the ending paragraph. So it would help if you mentioned your projects in this paragraph.

Freshers Application Letter

To Whom It May Concern
Subject: Application for the Post of Marketing Officer

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have recently graduated from the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program from Lahore School of Economics (LSE)), and I am looking for an opportunity to perform in your reputed organization. I am attaching my resume for your review. I’m currently working at the LUMS SDSB department as a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) of the MBA program. I am also currently assisting the Lums MPO office in the meantime. This will be a great opportunity for me to apply the marketing skills I have acquired in my academic career.

During my MBA Program, I studied various marketing and finance courses, including Corporate Finance, Investments, International Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Business policy, Promotion Management, Brand Management, Salesforce Management, Human Resource Management, and various other courses.

I have also written a case study with my Group members on the sales force management of Zong. The driving force behind my strong work experience was excellence throughout my education. The MBA program at LSE, due to the projects, has developed and polished analytical and problem-solving skills and allowed me to enhance my communication skills. In addition, the intensity of the course inculcated strong time and stress management skills in me, while the case methodology kept me entrenched in real business situations.

I assure you that if I am given a chance to work in your organization, I would work up to my full potential to achieve the organization’s overall objectives and accomplish the goals set out by the senior management. As far as this position is concerned, if I get proper guidance, I will do my best, and one of my biggest strengths is excellent interpersonal skills. Moreover, working for a social cause will be a great opportunity for me as serving humanity is my passion.
I appreciate you taking the time to review my credentials and experience. Again, thank you for your consideration.

Your Name and Signature

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