Cover Letter for Insurance Agent

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Cover Letter for Insurance Agent

The Human Resource Manager,
Alpha Insurance Company.

Dear Sir,

I have come to know that you need an insurance policy sales agent in your firm, and it is exactly the same job I am seeking for. You have stated in your add that you want an energetic, outgoing, and persuasive candidate, and I am exactly the same sort of person. I like taking challenges, and overcoming hard targets.

I also have experience of two years as an insurance agent in a well reputed insurance company, and I want to continue my career with your organization. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter. I am interested to meet you personally to discuss further details.

I hope you will grant me an appointment for interview soon.



Cover Letter for Insurance Agent

Designation that applying for,
Company name

Respected hiring committee!

I was waiting for quite a time now for your company to announce their yearly job openings, and as soon as I read your requirements list, I must say I checked all the boxes. I have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, and i have a work experience of total 4 years. I did my internship in one of the most prominent banks of the country, and after that I worked there as a junior insurance agent for about three, and a half years.

To work in a multinational company like yours is a long time dream of mine, and I hope to play a vital role on a journey of more success of your company.

Hope you find an interest in my application.



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