Fill in the Blank Cover Letter for Job

free cover letter builder with fill in the blank option for name, company name, qualification, and experience if there is any. Need a flexible cover letter where we can fill in the blanks relating to type of job.

Fill in the Blank Cover Letter for Resume, and to Apply for Job Position


The concerned person: ______

Company name: _________


Dear sir/madam,

I hereby write this application to apply for job with title of ______________ in your company. It came to my knowledge through your advertisement in _________________ that you are seeking skilled recruits for this job.  As mentioned in advertisement I hold all required qualifications, and experience.

I have following qualifications:

  1. O/A Levels from___________________
  2. Bachelors in ______, and name of institution: ____
  3. Masters in________, and name of institution: ____

On top of that here is list of my working experience, and achievements.

  1. Experience 1____, and place of work: ____
  2. Experience 2____, and place of work: ____

As a very keen, and hardworking person I believe I am very fit for the required job. I hope to meet in person as my resume alone does not truly reflect my potential.

Thank you very much for your time, and consideration.

With regards

Name of the applicant_________

Date: _____

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