Job Application Letter for Database Manager

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Job Application for Database Manager

The HR Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Respected sir,
It is stated that I am a university graduate, although my field isn’t related to the one I am applying for but since this field has been my passion for a long time now, I have practiced it.

Sir, being a database analyst along with being a Database Accountant for a renowned firm has polished, and reformed my skills over the past couple of years. With vast knowledge of Database I had to test myself, and I did just that by joining a university as a Database Lecturer, and teaching practical aspects of the field.

For a firm as big as yours, I know that the post of “Database Manager” comes with a lot of responsibilities, and a lot of creativity. Tackling the complicated problems is one major aspect of my skill set that I have been putting to a test since the day I joined the field, and took it on as my career.

I think that I will prove to be an asset to your firm, and someone who can look over, and manage your database without any room for errors quite effectively. I hope that you will find my past experiences, and my time in the field quite stimulating, and consider me working on the post.

Thanking you,

Job Application Letter for Database Manager

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this application because I want this job as I’ve done database management in a company before, and I’ve an experience of 1-2 years. And I know I’m eligible for this, and you won’t regret after selecting me as database manager.

Hoping for a positive response

Thank you,


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