Letter to Editor Regarding Road Safety

Format of letter to editor of a magazine/newspaper/newsletter, and telling them how road safety is one of the biggest concern in our society, and what measures can be taken to control this issue.

Letter to editor regarding road safety

To the Editor

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the issue regarding road safety.  Last week I was going to my daughter’s school to pick her up, and I was shocked to see children running carelessly on the road at home time. Such cases have been seen everywhere, and many times have been the reason behind critical accidents.

It is significant that we assign traffic police posts in areas especially commercial areas where there are such crowds. Campaigns need to be held in schools, and offices to teach road safety rules to people. Certain speed limits should be assigned, and a check should be kept on drivers. It is vital that we develop a safe traffic system.  Signboards should be put up so people can avoid accidents. It should be made sure that people do not use their electronic devices while driving which can distract them. People riding motorbikes should ensure they wear helmets for their own safety, and the traffic police should implement a fine system. Who so ever does not obey the law shall have to pay a fine, and then hopefully drivers will not repeat their mistakes.

I hope I receive a good response, and my suggestions are brought into notice.

Best regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October (Date)


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