Essay on Major Issues of Gender Inequality Today

Sample format of how to write an essay on gender inequality an issue so widely recognized today, and how to voice your opinion if one is a victim of it.

Essay on Gender Inequality Problems, and Solutions

Gender Inequality refers to the discriminatory behavior of the society towards women. This discrimination can be in the form of unequal rights, status, or opportunities. Historically, women have remained marginalized, and oppressed due to the patriarchal trends that had prevailed in every culture. Man, and woman are both the creation of same God, yet women are still considered down-trodden second-class citizens in many cultures.
The issue of gender equality got more importance in the 20th century especially after the World War 1. Whole of the Europe saw utter annihilation, and destruction. The war shook the continent economically, and socially. There was a huge crisis of men, as most of them were killed in the Great War. In such grave, and dismal situation, it became imperative for the Western nations to compel their women to work with the men for the progress, and development. That was the time when the bold, and daring women from upper class raised their voices in the favor of women’s rights. Gradually, the whole social edifice of the Western nations transformed in the favor of gender equality. The waves of feminism that came out of the West enveloped the whole world. These trends reached the developing countries of the East where the situation was still miserable.
Even today, LDCs of the East are still lagging behind the developed Western nations in giving equality to women. Some of the vices that still exist in the socially backward nations of the East are: inheritance issues, lack of women health care, malnutrition of pregnant women, dwindled representation in politics, sexual abuse, forced marriages, unlawful divorces, harassment at the work place, low wages, and the list goes on, and on. Most of the Eastern nations are home to the worst form of women trafficking, and sex slavery.
In such dismal, and grave situation, it becomes imperative for the regional governments to pay heed to this burning issue. To give a good repute to women in the society, strong, and radical changes are required. The governments must educate the individuals to shun all the social, and cultural practices that pull the society behind. The west has already made a huge progress in every walk of life, and if the trends of gender inequality remained existing, the East would never be able to compete with them. Gender inequality is a serious issue, and demands utmost sincerity from the leaders, governments, and from the society.

Essay on gender equality problems, and solutions


Gender Disparity is one of the major issues of our society which has not decreased with time. The population of women in our country is greater than men but even then people do not educate the females, and they are not given the freedom to grow.  This results in very major problems.

A large portion of our country’s population is uneducated which results in high illiteracy rate, and unemployment of females due to lack of education. In addition to this, if a woman is not educated it means that a whole generate is left uneducated, our future is left uneducated. This is not the only drawback of gender disparity but women are also suppressed, and even tortured if they wish for going to schools, or work on their future. These kind of illegal acts are more common in rural areas as the men over there are also not very liberal, or highly educated.

However, there is no problem in the world which has no solution, and just like this gender disparity is also not a problem without solution. It surely can also be solved, and minimized. The government should start a campaign in every region of the country, especially the urban areas. Fathers should be told to give their daughters enough freedom to get education. Husbands should be taught that it is not wrong if their wives wish to continue their education, or want to pursue a career. Mothers should be taught to support their daughter, and save them from dependency on any man. And a female should herself be taught to stand up for her rights, to not to give up because to be strong is her own choice

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