Misuse of Mobile Phone Essay

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Essay on Misuse of Mobile Phones

Introduction—human beings in the past established a society. In the beginning, people used to live in the caves. Then over time, societies were established. As the population multiplied, human beings got involved in different crimes. No doubt, inventions were made, but these inventions were also misused and created many problems.

Today, we have mobile phones in our pockets for the sake of communication as a great blessing. But, there are also the dark sides of mobiles. There is no grain of salt in the usefulness of mobile phones, but their misuse has brought great losses for humanity.

Shakespeare says that there is nothing good, or bad but thinking makes it so. In fact, there are two aspects of everything that are good or bad. Man has invented a lot of things. An invention presents the usefulness of human beings. There was a time when man used to live in the jungle and caves. Then there started steam of life, and population came out of its boundaries. Today, it is an age of inventions, and the mobile phone has become a great achievement in this respect. However, we can’t ignore its fruitfulness, but we can ignore misuse. There are the following misuses of mobile phones, which are as following;

1-Corruption 2-Terrorism 3-Misusing of Facebook 4=Misuse in the examination 5=Data hacking 6=Chatting, and wastage of time

Now we throw a light upon these misuses one by one.

As far as corruption is concerned, people have made mobiles an effective weapon for corruption. They have adopted such methods that they can play with any person and exploit him there and then. Sometimes, they get the credit numbers and steal away the money illegally through the use of mobiles.

Terrorism has also become a great burning question of today. Terrorists are involved in their activities through the use of mobiles. In this respect, they send their hidden messages to the respective terrorists and give suicidal attacks. In the same way, activities like bomb explosions are happening through the use of mobiles.

Mobile phones are also used in the misuse of Facebook. The users of Facebook hack the id of different people and exploit them. In this respect, negative propaganda instead of religion and social norms are practiced by mobiles’ misusers. In many countries, some people are doing such practices that are involved in exploiting the people’s religious beliefs.

Mobiles are also used to carry unfair means in the examination. Students are using mobiles to copy material which is helpful to get marks. In this context, the groups are involved in making the candidates successful in the examinations. Data hacking has also been used in this regard.

Mobiles are also misused in connection with chatting and wastage of time. The youth is involved in chatting all the time. The young people make them involved in sharing their thoughts and expressing their ways of love all the time. The result brings a failure in their lives. These activities bring a great disaster for the youth of the country.

Misuse of Mobile Phone Essay

As Mobile Phone is the most important part of our lives now a day. So we’re going to discuss some of the most important advantages first, then we’ll move toward its misuse. Mobile phones are undoubtedly beneficial for us, and we can’t live without it as it has become so important. It helps us in difficult times as if we’re in an emergency we can easily call some of our friends. We can access the internet on the phone by using mobile data or Wi-Fi to stay connected socially. We can make calls and messages to inform others about anything.

These are some of the important uses of phones, but where there are advantages, there are misuses as well. So the main misuse is that youth of our society is always attracted towards the wrong act, many of them use the internet for wrong purposes they search restricted or banned sites. Or starts hacking accounts of others on social media or on any other site to reach people’s personal information so that they can leak the information or blackmail them through that.

Another misuse of phones is that terrorists are using this for doing terrorism. These are the most common and biggest misuses of mobile phones, and these are dangerous as well. So the only solution to misuse is that we should teach children and society to use technology for their actual purposes.

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