Halloween Spirits: A Bar Crawl to Remember

Embracing the spirit of Halloween makes it possible to turn an ordinary night into one that is chocked full of excitement and spooky experiences. While you can bet that house parties will be popping up all over your neighbourhood, the truth is that this is the night when you should go all out. During a bar crawl, you’ll have the chance to sample unique cocktails, participate in costume contests and dance the night away in haunted venues. Now, you must follow a few easy steps to prep for a bar crawl you’ll always remember.

Halloween Spirits: A Bar Crawl to Remember

Gather Your Favorite Spirits

The Halloween season is the ideal time to start thinking about who you want to spend time with over the upcoming cold weather months. Bar crawls are absolutely fine to do alone, but you might also want to invite your favourite friends and family members along. Once you’ve picked out a bar crawl planner, send out the info to your friends and family to see who might want to join the group. Having your best friend or neighbour by your side makes it even easier to create amazing memories.

Pick the Perfect Costume

During Halloween, many clubs and bars open up their dress code and encourage everyone to get into the spirit of the occasion by dressing up. If you’re going with a group, then this is a great time to plan coordinating costumes. You might choose to go as a festive trio from the movies, or you could dress as your favourite superheroes. 

Alternatively, you might dress to impress by picking a costume that is a bit more daring. Whether you choose to dress up like your favourite celebrity or a funny pun, just remember to wear good shoes. On Halloween bar crawls you can expect to walk from one haunted venue to the next as the fun escalates.

Get Familiar With the City

Heading out with a big group like you do with a bar crawl is one way to make exploring big cities safer. However, you’ll want to add some extra precautions, especially if you are doing a bar crawl while travelling. Ensure you have your ID on you, which you’ll need to get into the bars anyway. Then, brush up on basic information about your location. Being able to tell your ride-share driver the name of the hotel you are staying at and its address is critical when you’re on foot and away from home. You can also store this info in your phone to make sure you can access it with a few quick clicks.

Check Out the Digital Bar List

Once you have all your basics down, you’re ready to start talking to your group about the details of your night. Take a moment to check out your Halloween bar crawl itinerary. Using the digital bar list the planner gives you makes it possible to look up each venue to learn more about what to expect. 

Shortly before the Halloween festivities begin, many bars update their social media and websites with some of the exciting events they’ve planned, along with unique cocktails and brews they’ll be offering.

Be Open to New Experiences

The whole point of going on a bar crawl during Halloween is to embark upon a spooky fright fest that leads to adventures that you’ll never forget. With this spirit in mind, head out ready and willing to try something new. Whether you line up with your friends as part of a bar’s costume contest or do some ghostly shots, the time is right for stepping out of your ordinary life and enjoying extraordinary experiences.

Throughout the night, you can expect the excitement to keep rising as your crew crawls from one venue to the next. As you do, remember that it’s worth noting exactly what you love the most about your experiences. Now that you’ve hit all of the prime venues in your favourite big city, you’ll also know where to go when the mood strikes again. Bar crawls are often centred upon other popular holidays and themes. If you loved this one, follow up by planning another themed bar crawl that gives all your friends a chance to join the fun.

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