Experience Letter for Chemical Engineer

Looking for a template of experience letter for chemical engineers? We will be giving you samples of experience letters for chemical engineers. Sample experience letter for chemical companies for their employees.

This is also known as an experience certificate for chemical engineers working with chemicals. From the sample, you can learn how to write experience letters for engineers by explaining their duties, and accomplishments during the job tenure.

Keep your experience letters short because these are only used to be the proof that the person/holder of the letter working for a company, post, and certain time duration.

Sample Experience Letter for Chemical Engineer

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that “Name of Engineer” worked as “designation” at “department and company name” for two years from “date to date”.

We found him/her good for this post and we wish him/her the best in his/her future career.

Signatory Authority

Signature and Stamp

Experience Letter Format for Chemical Engineer

To Whom It May Concern

Mr. George is an employee of the Diamond Group of Companies and worked as a chemical engineer in our research, and development labs in Pakistan, and the UK. He was a dedicated, motivated, and research enthusiast employee of the company during his tenure.

He has a very innovative personality, and his input was highly appreciated in the company. We hope best wishes for his future career.

Signatory Authority

Chemical Engineer Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is to certify that M. ALI RAZA had been working as a Chemical Engineer for Axis Chemicals since (Date). We had a great time with this man as he was very committed to his work. He was a man of discipline. He had also won a lot of international awards for different projects.

Due to his brilliant work he had been promoted to the designation of the senior chemical engineer as well. We wish him a bright, and successive future.

CEO Axis Chemical

Experience Letter for Chemical Engineer
Experience Letter for Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer Experience Certificate

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