Experience Letter for Site Supervisor

Sample experience letter for site supervisor, or civil site supervisor from employer, or company. Letter can be used as supervisor experience certificate for construction site supervisor,maintenance site supervisor, mobile office supervisor, event site supervisor etc.

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Experience Letter for Site Supervisor

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to certify that Mr. John Edgar has been a member of our team as a Site Supervisor. He has completed his tenure of three years here, and has resigned due to his relocation abroad. As an employee here, he has shown exceptional leadership, and management skills. As a team mate, he is cultured, and courteous towards his colleagues.

His responsibilities here included overall site supervision of construction projects with a special emphasis on detection, and litigation of security hazards, and to maintain a safe workplace environment. His role was also to motivate, and discipline workers about safety rules of the company. He was able to demonstrate excellent results through his apt education, and challenge seeking personality. He would surely add value to any organization which he may join next. My best wishes are with him for his bright future.

Managing Director
Blue Chip Constructions

Site Supervisor Experience Letter for Construction

To Whom It May Concern

It is to certify that Ms. Rosey is working as site supervisor for Hamza Contractors, and Builders since (Date). She depicts excellent communication, and supervision skills. During her four years of working with us she was responsible for supervision of construction projects, and many times she supervised more than two projects parallel, and successfully. We found her hard working, committed, and honest supervisor. Best wishes for her future endeavor.

Signatory Authority

Experience Letter for Site Supervisor
Experience Letter for Site Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Kanza Faisal is maintenance Supervisor at SemiOffice Corp Limited since (Date). She is very good in management, supervision, and efficient personality for maintenance post.

She always performed all assigned tasks as per standards, and within given time. We wish her best in future endeavor.

Signatory Authority

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