Application For Marriage Allowance

Sample Application for Marriage Allowance from company, office, factory, employer, or job. Some companies with good repute also officer marriage allowance to their employees, and salary increments after marriage. You can use this application as a sample for requesting marriage allowance.

Application Letter for Marriage Allowance

This application is to request a marriage allowance. Under the company policies employees are given marriage allowance of one third of their basic pay after marriage. As I have married so I request you to grant me such allowance. Please find my marriage certificate enclosed with the letter. I know that my application will be considered as soon as possible

Marriage Allowance Application Format

I am Ms. Khadija Anwar, working in your organization for almost two years as Senior Sales Consultant. I am writing this letter pleasingly to let you know that my marriage is going to be held on 27th may, (Date).

As you know, I am the eldest among siblings, am orphan, and have no other source of income to support me for my marriage expenses. Keeping in view the reasons, I want to request humbly to give me the marriage allowance as per the satisfied terms, and conditions in the agreement of allowances, between the organization, and me.

I’d like to thank the management for the supporting policies for the employees. I am looking forward to have a consideration from you for my request.

Thank you

Khadija Anwar

Application For Marriage Allowance
Application For Marriage Allowance

Application for Marriage Allowance

The Accounts Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I have been working at your firm as a “Senior Manager” since one year now. When I joined the office I was told by the CEO that whenever I am to get married, I will receive an allowance from the office which won’t be connected to my basic salary in any way.

Sir, I am getting married next week, and I would like to use my Marriage Allowance clause now. Kindly grant me an Allowance Cheque soon so, that I can cash it on time.

Yours Truly,

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