Conflict Resolution Letter for Employees

Sample of resolution letter format. Conflict management letter. Alternative dispute resolution letter template.

I need to resolve a dispute between managers who happen to be arrogant. Need to transfer technician to another office until the matter between them is resolved.

Letter to Resolve Conflict between Employees/Managers

The CEO,
XYZ Organization

I am writing this letter in reply to your memo. I received your memo yesterday asking me about the incident that happened the other day between the manager, and the technician.

Sir, the other day, it was a normal day until the technician came in the office almost 15 minutes late. The manager saw him coming in, walked up to him, and started investigating on the fact that he was late. Upon further investigation the technician told the manager that he was late that day just because his son was ill since a few days now, and needed to be treated from a hospital.
The manager acting as arrogant as he has always been started shouting at the technician which burst him in tears. The manager offended the technician personally saying that his job is much more important than his family. Sir, for a man these are some harsh words to hear.

The technician saying nothing walked away, and hasn’t come back till today. The manager didn’t even ask me once where he was, or where he went it’s like he doesn’t care. As you know the technician has been a part of this firm for quiet some years now, and understands the methodologies of work as much as any other staff member.
We need him at work as soon as possible. Being the Senior Floor Manager it was my duty to tell you what happened that day. Now that you know the happening I would request you to kindly shift our technician to a different office until the matter cools down, and the dispute between them dissolves away in air.

With utmost respect, and best regards,

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