Request for Additional Staff Templates

Want to write a request for additional staff for your office, factory, project, branch, or franchise? We will be adding best example letters, applications, and email templates to ask for additional staff required by you, your office, department, or company. Please let us know if you need a new or custom letter for your needs. … Continue reading “Request for Additional Staff Templates”

Request for Staff Replacement in Office

Do you want to request staff replacement? We will add three letters and e-mail examples to ask for staff replacement, employee replacement, worker replacement, manager,supervisor, and assistant replacement with reasons. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new customized letter or e-mail for your office needs. How do I ask for … Continue reading “Request for Staff Replacement in Office”

Employee Replacement Letter Sample

Want to request employee replacement? You will learn how to write for employee replacement. We are giving you sample email letter templates to ask for the replacement of employees from your team, office, juniors, or site project. If you need a different letter, please let us know in the comments. Request for employee Replacement due … Continue reading “Employee Replacement Letter Sample”

Request Letter to Authority for Clearance of Payment for an Office Employee

Sample letter requesting for Clearance of Payment from the Office. These letters can be used by anyone who has resigned and wants an approbation letter from a senior in order to get a payment/anyone who wants to complain against the delayed clearance process/ anyone who wants a faster clearance of payment after resigning due to … Continue reading “Request Letter to Authority for Clearance of Payment for an Office Employee”

Sample Employee Recognition Letter for Hard Work

Sample of appreciation letter to employees who work hard day, and night to make their company as successful as it is. It is because of these hard working employees that the company stand tall, and a letter will make the feel valued, and will inspire them to work even harder. Appreciation Letter to Employee To: … Continue reading “Sample Employee Recognition Letter for Hard Work”

Request Letter For Stationery Items

Want to order stationery items for the office, branch, school, project, etc.? Example of Request Letter to Authorities to Provide Stationery Items for Employees. Email for Ordering Stationery Items Dear Sir, I want to request you. There is an urgent need for stationery in our office. The details of which are as follows. (list your … Continue reading “Request Letter For Stationery Items”

Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees, Customers

Format of wish letter to send to employees on the joyous occasion of Diwali. Employees are the backbone of a company, and wishing them properly at any festival is a company’s duty. Diwali is also known as Deepawali. Diwali gift ideas for employees are available here. Holiday Notification on Diwali Festival for Employees Staff members. … Continue reading “Diwali Holiday Announcement Email to Employees, Customers”

Dress Code Notice To Employees

Dress code announcement sample. Warning letter for dress code. Dress code reminder memo. Dress code email template. Dress code reminder email. Notice for wearing the uniform. Employee warning letter for not wearing proper uniform. Dress Code Notice to Employees Dear Employees, I am writing to you all because the dress code has been brought to … Continue reading “Dress Code Notice To Employees”

Conflict Resolution Letter for Employees

Sample of resolution letter format. Conflict management letter. Alternative dispute resolution letter template. I need to resolve a dispute between managers who happen to be arrogant. Need to transfer technician to another office until the matter between them is resolved. Letter to Resolve Conflict between Employees/Managers To, The CEO, XYZ Organization Sir, I am writing this letter in reply to your memo. I received your … Continue reading “Conflict Resolution Letter for Employees”

Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager

Sample welcome letter for new employee. Manager is welcoming new employees of his organization, or company to set the tone for relationship. Welcome Letter To New Employees from Manager Dear Mr. ABC, We welcome you to our team (company). We would like to thank you for joining, and we are hoping that we will work … Continue reading “Welcome Letter To New Employee from Manager”