Letter to Mayor Sample for Support and Congratulations

Sample letter to the mayor office asking for help, for support, or complaint about an issue. Letter to mayor for scholarship. Letter to mayor about pollution. Letter to mayor for garbage collection. Letter to mayor for sewerage problem.

Sample Letter to Mayor Requesting Assistance

The Mayor, South Dakota, US

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the situation of our village which comes under your supervision. I am writing this behalf of all the villagers that we are not getting all necessities for life. There is no proper water system. No proper medical help. No cleanliness. It is now threatening to our lives as our children are suffering from various diseases.

We have caste vote by putting our trust in the government but somewhere we are disappointed. I request you to make a visit to us just to see our miserable condition. Please take action against our complaint. We all shall be really happy for this act of kindness as it is prior responsibility of state towards its public. Thanks


John Watson

Congratulation Letter to Mayor


Dear Mr. George

Hope you find this letter in good health. First of all congratulations on your big success you must know that we all were rooting for your win. Welcome to your new political journey as a mayor of London. We all know that you are a quite informed man yourself so as civilians we would not have to worry about you being oblivious to town people problems.

We all know you are a man of principle, a man of your word, and we are counting on you to bring the change that you, and all the other politicians promised to us during those political campaigns. We know that you do not have a control over everything but we expect justice, equality, and a safer neighborhood from you, and your team.

Hope to see you flourish, and prosper in your new position, and you doing same for the town.



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