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Request Letter To Ask For Advance Salary

Format of request advance salary due to some personal problems e.g payment of rent of house, bills, medical bills, wedding etc.

Request Letter To Ask For Advance Salary

 Dear Manager,

I wrote this application to request you for getting my salary of this month in advance. I am aware that according to the company’s policy, we cannot take advance salary of next month unless 2 weeks have passed after the salary of previous month is given to us.

However, my mother is really sick and she is admitted in the hospital since 2 days so I have no other option but to request you for my advance salary. I am really tensed so please help me through this difficult time. If you want then I can show all the medical certificates and bills.

If you approve my application, I would be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mehmood Ali

IT Department

23rd September 2018

Request Letter to Ask for Advance Salary

To: HR Dept. – H&W Consulting Ltd.
Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

I am writing to respectfully request an advance salary this month due to an urgent circumstance. My daughter is sick and she is hospitalized, and her hospital fees are due within a few days. As of now, I am unable to make the payment.
I politely request that I receive an advance on my salary this month, even if it is only partial. I would be extremely grateful.

I await your reply,
Barbara Heinz
Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada


Address Change Request Letter for Credit Card

Sample format of request letter to bank for change in address in the credit card as you have recently moved and you want them to send you the mail and the bill on the updated current address not on the previous one.

Credit Card Address Change Request Letter to HDFC Bank

Dear HDFC Bank of Dubai,

I am writing to you because I would like to request for my credit card address change. Last week I submitted my application for getting a credit card and yesterday I received my card. I have noticed that on my card is the wrong address. You have mentioned the wrong house number. I don’t know how you have got this wrong when I gave you letters with the right full address and you even have copies of these.

I would like to kindly request that you fix this and send me a replacement credit card with the right address on it as I can’t use this card. I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing what you do.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Jerome Digger

Address Change Request Letter for Credit Card

To the Bank of Punjab,

Respected Manager,

Hope you are doing well. I wrote this letter to request for an address change in my profile at bank. Last week, I opened a new account at bank and requested the ATM card to be mailed to my address.

However, we have to shift to a different place urgently due to some personal reasons. We will be done with this whole shifting thing soon and I do not really know the new house owners. I request you to change the address as soon as possible so the ATM card is not mailed on the previous address or else it would be really inconvenient for me as the distance between both houses is quite long. My new address is House 52, Block C, Bahria Town.

Feel free to contact me for any further confirmation and clearances. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Ahmed Ali

23rd September 2018




Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair

Sample format of letter to send to municipality commission to complaint to them about the condition of roads in your society and how it is causing great discomfort to the citizens.

Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair

The Municipal Corporation,
XYZ Society.

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am a resident in your society and moved in a few months ago. I am writing this letter to report you of a situation that has been bothering me and the other residents since quite some time now. As you know that courier trucks pass by our road every night and after several warnings they haven’t stopped and continue on using our society roads.

Since the trucks are mostly over loaded, they tend to leave marks on the road now and then. This routine has become so frequent that now almost 80% of the society’s roads are either broken or collapsed. The roads are now almost impossible to use and need to be repaired as soon as possible. For the sake of the society’s residents, kindly fix the roads as soon as possible.

I hope that you shall take this situation into account and consider taking care of it.

Thanking you,

Letter to Municipal Corporation for Road Repair

To: The Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Fort Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am a citizen of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. I have a complaint regarding the road off the exit of Highway 405. For weeks, there have been many potholes and it has not been repaired.

This is a serious issue as vehicles that are exiting off the highway approach the road at high speeds, and the potholes can seriously damage vehicles and even persons. I urge the municipality the look into this matter as soon as possible and have the road repaired quickly.

Barbara Thomas
Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

Sample Request Letter Funding for College

Example of letter requesting authorities to provide funds for necessities of college e.g buildings or auditoriums to facilitate students.

Sample Letter Requesting Financial Assistance For College


The Education Minister,

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that the fund we received last month for the construction of our new building is not sufficient. As you know that number of students is increasing every year and there is insufficient place to accommodate all the students. We received half of the amount we quoted.

I request you to process my application so we can continue the construction of the building. Please find attached bills and other documents regarding the construction process.  New session will be starting by the 10th of July and we are left with 1 month only. We are supposed to windup all the work within this month. Please pay special attention to my request.  I am looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Cambridge College