Motivation Letter for Master Degree Engineering

Sample motivation letter for masters degree in engineering. Motivation letter for master degree in civil engineering

Motivation Letter for Master Degree Engineering

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Dear Friend,
I am fine, and I hope you are doing fine too. It’s been ages since I have seen you, and I am really mad at you for that. I know that I didn’t prove to be a good friend when financial problems struck you but trust me when I say I was helpless. Lack of qualifications in your CV is the basic reason that I couldn’t help you find a better job that would suit you, and your family needs.

I want you to enroll yourself into Masters in Engineering Degree Program. I know that you’ve been out of your academic posture for quite some time now, and you’re a little rusty but it will all be good with time. The main reason I am asking you to enroll yourself in the Engineering program is to raise your qualification up to a level from where there is no coming back.

Being a Masters in any engineering field is something worth both your time, and your money. Although you won’t experience sudden career hiring right when you’re done with your degree but soon enough you will surely experience a change in your career development approach. Being an Engineer comes with a lot of opportunities, and a river of career choices, and I think that it’s best for you too to settle down in one career now.

I hope that you will find this letter compelling enough to enroll yourself in the Master’s Degree Program, and a make a living out of it.
Waiting keenly for your positive response.

Your friend,

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