Letter on Water, and Electricity Crisis

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Letter on frequent power failure in the Delhi city.

Letter Describing About the Water, and Electricity Crisis

Dear Rizwan,

I could really reply you earlier, but I have never been in good mood settle myself to sit, and reply your letter, actually I used to avoid giving reply in bad mood now you would definitely ask the reason behind my anger so dear the prevailing crisis of Shortage of water, and Electricity has ruined the temperament of every citizen of Pakistan in the present hot, and humid weather.

No one can stay away from AC but we are unable to have Cool comfort of this gadget. Everyone needs to rush towards the bathroom shower but the taps are producing air instead of water so my dear how one can be in a good mood, you are living in the heaven of CANADA but unfortunately our heavenly Pakistan has become heaven for our ruling elite who is enjoying every facilities but not the common man of this country.

Dear pray for us to have reasonably comfortable life.

Your friend


Letter to Friend Describing About the Water, and Electricity Crisis


Hi Asif, I hope you will be fine, and enjoying a prosperous life. You had inquired about my health, and current status. By the grace of Allah, I am fine. I have completed my engineering degree with good grade.  Now, I am preparing for CSS exam. However, one thing is causing irritant in my life here. There is dire lack of water shortage here.

The available water is even not potable. Moreover, there is acute power outage here. I cannot study here properly. But local authorities have assured us that this issue will be resolved soon.

I hope there will be no issue of water, and power outage soon.


Letter about Water, and Electricity Crisis in the Town

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you about the crisis of electricity, and water in our town. It is going to be the third month the whole society is facing this problem. Water supply is almost to an end, we are using water containers for daily use. Some of society members using water tankers.  And the second major issue is of electricity, electricity is usually off in day time. The whole society is so much tensed due to these two issues because without these two we cannot do many of our daily routine things.

We have submitted the application to the head of committee members, and waiting for their responses. May God help us, and resolve this issue as soon as possible. Say hello to your mother, and father and, Take care of yourself.

Yours’ truly,

Paul James

Letter about Water, and Electricity Crisis

To my wonderful friend,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you about the water, and electricity crisis in my town. I thought that I would write to you because of your type if work, and where you work. The town’s people have to put up with no water for days on end, and as you know from living in this town as a kind that water is vital to the lives of the people.

We need it to wash to cook our food to drink, and most importantly to water our crops. If we have no water for a short period of time then our crops will wither, and die, and most people will go without food, or money from selling the crops. This is a farming town, and everyone here are farmers of one this, or another. We all work together, and together we will succeed.

The electricity is another bigger problem we literally have no electric. For the past three weeks we have had to make do without, and if this continues into the winter then we will freeze to death. Gas is very expensive, and to warm your home up for the entire winter will cost a fortune. So we need the electric to heat our homes, and we have sick, and elderly, and new born babies to care for.

I am sorry for this disturbing news but please help us, and I look forward to hearing back from you, and seeing what action you can do.

Kind regards,

Your childhood friend

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