Sample Thank you Letter to Professor for Teaching

Sample Thank you Letter to Professor for Teaching by an ex-student

This letter can be used to thank a teacher, professor, instructor, mentor, or anyone that has every been help to you by a student in order to thank them.

The Professor



Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to show my warm, and sincerest appreciation for your contribution to my life, career, and ethical conduct. All the times spent in your class are marked in gold, and all the things you taught me helped set a clear direction for me to follow, and choose what is the best for me, and something that i have interest in.
Today, as I looked back at how my dreams have turned into reality, or are a real walking talking dream, and I can solely to you, you stand clearly in my mind. You patiently listened to my challenges, understood them, and motivated me to push harder in life. You always kept telling me to move forward no matter how hard things got. I still remember when you used to say ” When the mirror of life gets dirty with the fog of difficulties, try wiping it with the faith in yourself, and you will see a clear reflection of your dreams again”. It is because of those times that I have become responsible, professional, committed, and hopefully, successful, in my career.

During the last few days of the final semester, I can remember how you stayed back after regular classes just to ensure that if we did not get anything, or if we wanted to clear concept that is out of the scope of the book, or syllabus. It was required of you to hold those classes for us, and to hold extra office hours but you decided to commit to making time for us out of your so busy schedule. If I had not passed that examination, I would not be here today wherever i stand today.

I can never be you. But i hope to turn into someone near you. Your life was an inspiration to me so are your ethics, and values. They are one thing which I have knotted to me till the end of my life. I hope to teach people what you taught me. I hope to inspire people like you were inspiration to me. You were more than a professor, you changed the way I perceived the world. Thank you Sir for everything.

With best regards,

Your student


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