Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

Sample letter to claim insurance for stolen goods, robbery, theft, or pirates etc from insurance company.

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

The Manager,
Safe Life Insurance

Dear Sir,

I am a businessman, and I have a departmental store. I purchased an insurance policy for my business five years ago having policy no 54321 which ensures recovery from insurance company of any goods stolen from store in case of any theft. I have been paying the yearly premium regularly, and my policy is active.

Unfortunately, some thieves broke into the shop last night, and stole miscellaneous inventory worth $5000. I am writing this to claim for my loss. Kindly, ensure that my loss gets recovered as soon as possible so that I may be able to repurchase the lost items which are necessary for running my business. A copy of police report, and other relevant evidence regarding the incidence is enclosed with this application for the purpose of your review, and verification.

I hope that I would be entitled to my claim at the earliest, and I thank you in anticipation.

Oliver Finch

Insurance Recovery of Stolen Goods

Dear Sir/Miss,

Recently I came across a bad experience of robbery. All the house hold goods have been taken by robbers. They stole everything from the house. I, and my wife were out, but when we came back faced this tragedy. It’s a big lose for us but the good news is that we have the insurance of all the stolen goods.

I would like to request to please do the recovery of stolen goods as soon as you can, as me, and wife have insurance of all the stolen goods. It was really a blessing that we had done the insurance.

Looking forward for your response.

Name : James David
Address: 36 hasten, block C, New Jersey, USA

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