Job Application Letter for the Post of Senior Chemist

Please send me application letter for the post of Senior chemist. Sample cover letter for chemist to apply for jobs in chemical companies with experience, or without experience.

Application Letter for the Post of Chemist


The manager,

Dear Sir,

It came to my knowledge through a newspaper that you are looking for a senior chemist for your company. I believe I am the right, and most suitable person for the job.

Having my degree in chemistry from a well-known university, I have plenty of experience along the way which ranges from lab work to teaching students in academics. I have worked for many medical distribution stores as well. I am physically fit, and mentally energetic to do the job. My adaptive personality allows me adjust in many work environments. I am willing to work as an individual worker, or as a team.

I hope to have an interview with you as we can discuss the nature of the job with relevance of my work experience in a better way.



Cover Letter for Chemist

Placement Manager

Chemical Research Institute

Utah, USA

SUBJECT: Job Application Letter for the Post of Senior Chemist

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in the best of your spirits. Being a veteran chemist, I am writing this letter to show you my interest in the vacant position at your chemical research institute. I have around 20 years of experience with the same job descriptions. I have also worked as a senior chemist in national chemical research institute. My distinctions in the chemical research are mentioned in my portfolio attached. Several internationally published research articles, and finding are also on my credit in research journals, and transactions. All the required documents along with detailed resume are attached. Kindly consider my job application. I shall be eager to hear response from you positively.

Thank You,


Job Application Letter for the Post of Senior Chemist


Mr. James Atkins

Managing Director

KSH Research Laboratories

Illinois, USA

Sir, I recently heard about the new job vacancies at your laboratory, and I wish to apply for the post of a Senior Chemist. I graduated in Chemical Engineering, and later on specialized in Nuclear Chemistry. I have worked with numerous organizations over the past years. I have an experience of 15 years in the respective field, and I wish to work for you with the hope that my work here excels the progress, and sharpness of the junior staff as well. I have attached my CV with the hope of joining your respectable organization soon. Thank you for consideration.

Yours respectfully,

Joshua Smith

Nevada, USA

Job Application Letter for the Post of Senior Chemist
Job Application Letter for the Post of Senior Chemist

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