A Warning Letter by the Institution Administration to the Parents, or the Students for Delay in Fee Submission

Sample Warning Letter by the School/ University/any other institute Administration to the parents of the student for delay in fee submission. The letter can be used by any school employee who is issuing a warning to parents of students for not submitting the fee on time.

A Warning Letter by the School Administration to the Parents of Students for Delay in Fee Submission

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Parent of Student’s Name,

Student’s ID,

Respect Sir/Madam,

We hope that you find this letter in the best of your health. Unfortunately, this is a warning letter on behalf of the accounting office for delayed submission of monthly school fee of your child. According to the fee submission history ,almost all the fee have been submitted after due dates. Recently the delay period has increased to more than half of the month. Though the school wants to provide your child with best possible environment, but any further delay will surely result in termination of your child’s school year. Neither do we want to be an inconvenience for you nor for your child but as this is an official procedure the banks will automatically freeze your child’s school account after 2 more days.

Please submit the fee on time from now on, as this is the first, and the last warning that would be issued by the Administration.

With Regards,

School Administration,


A Warning Letter by the University Financial Aid Office to the Student for Delay in Fee Submission after Scholarship Cancellation

University’s Name,

University’s Address,

Student’s Name,

Student’s ID,

Respected Student,

As per the recent notice, your scholarship has been cancelled due to your low academic performance for the past two semesters. You were informed about this cancellation earlier this semester, and were asked to submit the regular semester fee for the next semester within the next 6 months. Unfortunately, you have not yet submitted the fee, and have also not informed the financial aid office regarding any financial issues. The university does not want to burden you financially hence we recommend you to immediately get in contact with the financial aid office if you cannot pay the fee. You will be asked to provide with solid proof regarding your financial status.

This warning is to be taken seriously as the University with cancel your four year B.S. program unless you submit the fee by the end of this month, or contact the financial aid office regarding your issues. Thank you so much. Please avoid such happenings in the future.

With Regards,

The Financial Aid Office,


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