Insurance Claim For Minor Damage


Format of letter to insurance company to tell them about minor damage that has happened to your car, and now you want a small amount of money to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Insurance Claim Letter For Reimbursement


I am writing this letter to acknowledge you about the accident I had, last night. I was going towards my home when suddenly a motorcycle came in front of my car. I turned the wheels towards the footpath to save the motorcyclist, and my car hit the pole.

It is a minor damage. The bumper of the car is broken, and I want to claim my insurance for the minor damage.

Kindly, sort out my case on first priority so that the car could be repaired soon.

Thank You!

Insurance Claim for Minor Damage

To: Secure Home Insurance
South Dakota, United States

I am writing in regards to the minor 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit our city last night.The earthquake did not cause any extensive damage, however there has been water dripping from the ceiling throughout the house. Therefore, I believe some pipes on the upper level were knocked down, or broken.

I have called a plumber to inspect this, and upon completion of the repair, I will send the total cost, and bill for insurance claim.

Trina O’Hare
South Dakota, United States

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