Invitation Letter for Marriage to Friends


Sample invitation letter for marriage to friends. Marriage Invitation to Colleagues, coworkers, class fellows, and close friends. Sample marriage invitation letter sample to invite boss, manager, president, CEO, chairman to your marriage ceremony with their families. You can send this letter in email, or by postal services.

Marriage Invitation Letter to Friend, and his Family

Mr. David Helton,
Street no. 5, China Town,
San Francisco. California

Dear Helton,

I hope that my letter finds you in best of your health. My family, and I are also perfectly fine. You just vanished after the vocations were announced.

I am writing this letter to break charming news to you that my elder brother John, and his girlfriend Catherine are getting married, the next month. I know that you will be as excited by this news as I am. The date of marriage is 25th July. I invite you, and your entire family to join us on this special day. I believe that you will give us the chance of hospitality on this special occasion.

See you on 26th.

Your very own,
James Smith

Marriage Invitation Letter to Colleagues/Friends

Dear Colleagues/Friends,

I am very happy to invite you to my wedding ceremony. It is going to held on 6th of this month at 12 pm. I warmly welcome you, and your family to this ceremony. It would be an honor to have you, and your family in my wedding ceremony.

Warm Regards,


Invitation Letter for Marriage

I am Mr. Amir Ali, working in your company since (Date). I am pleased to inform you that my marriage is going to be held on 25th April,(Date) at Shahi Dera, Lahore. The timings for barat is at 7o’ clock in the evening. I would like to invite you along with your subordinates, cordially, to attend the ceremony.

Let me avail an opportunity to make my day more special, if I would get a chance to share my happiness with my fellows including you. It will be an honour for me, and my family, if you all will come, and bless us with your warm wishes. I will look forward to welcome you wholeheartedly.

Thanking you,

Amir Ali

Marriage Invitation Letter Sample

Marriage Invitation Letter Sample

55-Model Town,

Subject: Marriage Invitation

Dear Hamza,

The great moments of my life are arriving in just two weeks. Don’t worry the movements are nothing else just I am going to start my matrimonial life.

I got engaged accidentally with my close friend even I was not able to call any of my best friends to attend my engagement ceremony just because it was just like an accident. I reached back to my home from office my parents, sisters, and brothers, and some other guests received me with a surprise of bouquet, and told about the engagement ceremony. Anyways in second week to November I am going to be married.

I welcome you to my matrimonial ceremony from my heart, and soul. I hope with presence of you my happiness would be doubled. I will wait for you to come two days before so I will go with you for shopping as well.

Warm Regards,


Invitation Letter for Marriage to Friends

Wedding Invitation to Friend

John Moser, California

Dearest John,

Hope you are doing well. How is everyone at your home?

As you know my brother’s wedding is next month, and you are invited along with your family. I have arranged a guest house for your stay. The dates are from 5th June to 8th June. As you have promised that you will manage some time, and will attend the wedding so I expect you to fulfill it. Pay my regards to all family members at home. Looking forward for your arrival.

Yours loving,

Smith Watz,

Your brother’s marriage is going to take place next month. Your friend John lives in another city. Write a letter in not more than 180 words inviting your friend, and his parents.

Dear John,

I hope you, and your family is doing well. I have amazing news to tell you. The news is that our brother Rory is getting married next month on the 28th in the winters. We all have been waiting for that day. All my family is very excited, and I am sure yours will be too after knowing this news.

Now what I, and my whole family wants is that you along with your family come to our place for attending the wedding of brother Rory at least a few days before the wedding. We all will be waiting for all of you. Hope to see you soon friend. Say greetings from my side to all at home.

Your Friend,

Fizzah Mamoona

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