Message for a Boyfriend Who is Far Away

Want to write a message to a friend about marriage? This is a good example when a girl from the UK writes this message to someone in another country inviting him for marriage. The message is so sweet, full of prayer and future hopes. This is true love and a real message. I wish for … Continue reading “Message for a Boyfriend Who is Far Away”

Love Letter to a Boy for Good Relationship and Marriage

Want to write a letter about friendship with a boy for the first time? We are giving you a template of friendship letters and you can customize it as per your needs. This letter was sent to me by a girl from the UK when we both wanted to be in a relationship. Just check … Continue reading “Love Letter to a Boy for Good Relationship and Marriage”

Love Letter to Someone You Like

Write a love letter to a girl for the first time. I was having a good girl in my life and wanted to marry her. but she has chosen someone else. I miss her a lot even after years and writing this love letter for her. In this letter, I will be explaining and telling … Continue reading “Love Letter to Someone You Like”

What to Gift a Guy When Meeting for the First Time

Looking for a gift idea to give a boy you are meeting with or having a date? We will provide you with some gift names and ideas for choosing the best one. But keep in mind gifts are always play a positive role in relationships and you should b more beautiful by heart and true … Continue reading “What to Gift a Guy When Meeting for the First Time”

Ideas of Gift for First Meeting with Girl

Do you want to buy Gifts to impress a girl or look for ideas to buy your gift to surprise a girl at the first meeting? We will give you a few best ideas and tips to decide what to gift a girl on a first date? Love Letters are also available for you. Gifts … Continue reading “Ideas of Gift for First Meeting with Girl”

Leave Application for Sister Marriage Ceremony by Overseas Workers, Students, and Residents

Want to apply for sister marriage leave as an overseas worker, student, or resident? We are giving you templates of leave letters for sister marriage as an overseas worker. Local leave applications to attend a sister’s marriage are available at this link. Sister’s Marriage Leave Application for Overseas Workers/Employees Dear Sir, My sister’s wedding is … Continue reading “Leave Application for Sister Marriage Ceremony by Overseas Workers, Students, and Residents”

Application to Union Council for 2nd Marriage in English

Sample application to chairman of union council, or chairman arbitration council for restoration of your marriage breakup, settlement of disputes between the married couple. You need to submit the application in same Union Council where your wife currently residing. It is better to submit application in Urdu. You only need to submit an application for … Continue reading “Application to Union Council for 2nd Marriage in English”

Application to Change Marital Status

Format of application to send to the information data of your country that issue national card, and ask them to change your marital status from single to married . Application to Change Marital Status  Dear Manager, I wrote this application to you about my profile in the office’s data. When I joined the office, I … Continue reading “Application to Change Marital Status”

Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave

Request Letter To Boss, Principal, Manager In Office, School, or any work place to Ask for Official Rejoining After Marriage. Rejoining Letter After Marriage Leave Respected sir, Hope you are doing fine I’m writing this letter to inform you that my leaves for marriage are completed now, I’m going to rejoin the office from Monday … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave”

Marriage Invitation Email to Client

Required sample for letter on marriage invitation to client & closure of work for 5 days. Marriage Invitation Message to Client Dear clients I am writing to you because I would like to formally invite you all to my wedding.  As you all know I am the owner of this company, and I am getting … Continue reading “Marriage Invitation Email to Client”

Text for Marriage Invitation to Friends

Simple wedding invitation wording for friends. Personal wedding invitation messages for friends. Text for Marriage Invitation to Friends. Marriage Invitation to Friends Hello friends, I am fine, and hope all of you are doing fine too. I am writing this text to inform you all that my marriage has been scheduled on this Saturday, and I … Continue reading “Text for Marriage Invitation to Friends”

Request for Marriage Certificate

Sample letter to request marriage certificate from govt authority/ union council, district administration etc. Request for a Marriage Certificate To, The Pastor in Charge, United Presbyterian Church of USA Dear Pastor David, My name is John Cena S/O Samuel John, resident of St. Marry Road, Chicago. I have got married with Julia Roberts D/O Robertson … Continue reading “Request for Marriage Certificate”

Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage

Sample leave application for younger brother marriage from school, college, university, office, company. Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage Mr. Alex ThorntonHead Human Resource Department Dear Sir, I am hoping that you are enjoying good health. It is to inform you that the marriage ceremony of my younger brother is to be held on (Date). … Continue reading “Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage”

Leave Application for Marriage Anniversary

Sample leave application for office, school, college, university to attend the ceremony of marriage anniversary with your wife, husband, kids, and other family members. You can use the below leave application for the first, second anniversary of your marriage. Marriage Anniversary Leave Application for Office Dear Sir, Tomorrow is my marriage anniversary, and I need … Continue reading “Leave Application for Marriage Anniversary”

Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony

Sample leave application due to Nikah Ceremony of your own at home, out of town, in another city, or country. You can also use this leave application to attend the Nikah ceremony of yourself, your friend, son, daughter, uncle, or anyone else. Some people arrange Nikah before the marriage ceremony. Leave Application Due to Nikah … Continue reading “Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony”

Marriage Leave Extension Letter to Office/Manager or Company

Want to apply for a leave extension? Sample request application letter for extension in marriage leave from office, company, factory, school, college, or University. Application for Extension of Leave for Marriage Leaves Dear Sir, I want to request a marriage leave extension from (date to date). I already spent granted holidays but due to some … Continue reading “Marriage Leave Extension Letter to Office/Manager or Company”

Application for Loan from Company

Sample application for loan from company, office, factory, or wherever you are working. Application to loan for marriage of daughter, son, home work, home maintenance, and other work. Application for Car Loan from Employer The Solutions USA Respected Audit officer, Sir my name is Michael, and I work in the marketing department of your company. Sir I … Continue reading “Application for Loan from Company”

Leave Application for Marriage of Uncle by Student’s Parents

Want leave to attend the marriage of my Uncle? You can apply on behalf of your parents. Sample leave application to participate in the marriage of Uncle by the parents of students to the school principal or headmaster. Leave for Uncle Marriage by the Father Dear Principal, I want to request three days’ leave from … Continue reading “Leave Application for Marriage of Uncle by Student’s Parents”