Application to Union Council for 2nd Marriage in English


Sample application to chairman of union council, or chairman arbitration council for restoration of your marriage breakup, settlement of disputes between the married couple.

You need to submit the application in same Union Council where your wife currently residing. It is better to submit application in Urdu.

You only need to submit an application for restoration of your marriage relationship, and in case of failure the authorities will automatically allow you for 2nd marriage, or they will ask you if interested in 2nd marriage. Please do not mention the permission required for 2nd marriage because in some case it may weaken your case. I am writing this suggestion after discussion with some officers in the UC, and Lawyer. You can also get this application in Urdu.

Application for My wife is not living with me & I want 2nd marriage.

Dear President

Arbitration Council,

UC- 79

Samanabad, Lahore

Subject: Application Requesting for Help to Bring my Wife Back

Dear Sir,

I’ (Your Name) CNIC (number) married in your UC area, and My Nikkah (dated 25 Dec (Date)) is registered in your Office. My wife name is (Name of wife) CNIC (Number) resident of Samanabad, Lahore.

Sir my wife is not living with me, and not fulfilling her marital life duties since February (Date). She went to her home for 2, or 3 days but she never returned. I have two baby girls (Name & Name). My babies are living with her, and I am also paying monthly expenses for my babies maintenance. Her parents home is small, and there is no space for living, and sleeping of my babies.

This is long story but in short I have tried my best to bring my wife back. I sent my parents, my brothers, and their wives, asked various other people to mediate from wife’s relatives but she refused to come back to my home. Her parents were interfering in my family matters, and they took my wife to their home, and now they are not willing to send her back to my home. She also took my Gold ornaments (2 Tola) with her.

Further to this, on 1st November (Date) I also filed a petition of conjugal rights to bring my wife back. But they not appeared in court, or not submitted any answer by them-self, or by lawyer till date.

Even during this time I tried my best to convince her to come back but she always refused.

I request you to please intervene to bring my wife back so I can move forward in my life. In the age of 35 living alone is becoming difficult for me.

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

CNIC Number

Cell: Mobile Number



  • Copy of Nikah Nama
  • Copy of Conjugal Rights Case

Application to Change Marital Status


Format of application to send to the information data of your country that issue national card, and ask them to change your marital status from single to married .

Application to Change Marital Status

 Dear Manager,

I wrote this application to you about my profile in the office’s data. When I joined the office, I was single so the option I chose in the marital status, while filling the form, was also single.

However, I got married last week, and have recently gotten the official document of my marriage. My name is still same as it was before the marriage however I request you to please change my marital status in the office’s data to avoid any sort of misunderstanding in the future. I have attached the copy of official marriage document with this email as a proof.

I would be very grateful to you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Noor


Application to Change Marital Status

To head of Admin,

Company name



Dear Sir,

It is respectfully stated that, I (name) is employee in your sales department from last 2 years. I was not able to come to office in last week due to some personal reasons. I have been divorced by my husband 2 weeks ago. The divorce has completed its phases, and accepted by the council committee. My employee card has the marital status as married. Kindly, change my marital status from married to single in order to avoid any confusion among the other employees of the company. I shall be grateful to you.

I have attached some important documents along with the divorce certificate by council committee along with the application




Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave


Request Letter To Boss, Principal, Manager In Office, School, or any work place to Ask for Official Rejoining After Marriage.

Rejoining Letter After Marriage Leave

Respected sir,

Hope you are doing fine I’m writing this letter to inform you that my leaves for marriage are completed now, I’m going to rejoin the office from Monday 10th. See you on Monday.



John Alan

Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave


The principal, Oxford high school

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I have come back from Dubai last week. As you know I took 3 month leave for my wedding, and I was also travelling abroad, as now I have come back, and I am willing to join the school again please inform me the joining date, and other formalities as well. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Sara Khan

Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave

 Dear Manager,

I wrote this letter to inform you that I will be rejoining the office from next week.

I took a leave from Office for two months due to my wedding as it would have been very inconvenient for me to come to office during all the preparation, and stuff. I got married last week, and am almost done with post events so I would like to rejoin the office. I assure that there will not be any complaints regarding my work, or punctuality.

Furthermore, I will ask my assistance to give me briefing on all the important events which took place these past two months in our company so that I can catch up with the missed work.

Yours Sincerely,

Fatima Aamir

Director Marketing

Marriage Invitation Email to Client


Required sample for letter on marriage invitation to client & closure of work for 5 days.

Marriage Invitation Message to Client

Dear clients

I am writing to you because I would like to formally invite you all to my wedding.  As you all know I am the owner of this company, and I am getting married on the first of next month. For the five days starting with the wedding the company will be closed due to me having a shortage of man power to run the company while I am gone. I would like you all to come, and attend this will give us all a chance to see each other face to face, and get to know each other.

There will be music, dancing, a big buffet, and drinks all night long. And you don’t forget lots of cake this equals fun. it is for this reason that we will be closed on the first of next month that’s a Friday, and open again on the sixth of next month that is Thursday. I hope that you can all make it, and I look forward to getting to know each, and every one of you.

Kind regards

Mr. Harry Cooper

Text for Marriage Invitation to Friends


Simple wedding invitation wording for friends. Personal wedding invitation messages for friends. Text for Marriage Invitation to Friends.

Marriage Invitation to Friends

Hello friends, I am fine, and hope all of you are doing fine too. I am writing this text to inform you all that my marriage has been scheduled on this Saturday, and I invite all of you to come, and be a part of the ceremony. The ceremony will be a dull one for me if anyone of you decides not to come so I urge you all to make my marriage memorable, and be there for me. I haven’t decided a best man yet but now I think that you can all be my best man just because of the times we spent together.

I hope that each, and every one of you will be there on time, and be a part of my happiness.  I will text you all the venue details once they are confirmed.

Thank you


Marriage Invitation to Friends

To my dearest friends,

I would like to invite you all to my wedding. I am getting married next week on Tuesday. My all of family are coming, and everyone who is my friends are also invited. 3 pm is the wedding ceremony, and after that go directly to the marriage hall for the banquet.  I can’t say that I know what is planed but I can say that there will be lots of fun for everyone. This will last till 12 pm with plenty of food drink, and events. Hope you all come, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards always your friend;

Miss. Clara Oswald

Text for Marriage Invitation

Hey Bella, hope you are doing well. I’m good too. As you are my best friend you know about my relationship with Michael I’m glad to announce that I’m getting married with him on the end of this month, we both are inviting you to our marriage ceremony on the 27th Dec Tuesday at 6 p.m. near Garden Villas Street 112.

I’m very excited to meet you please try to come earlier.

Your Friend

Request for Marriage Certificate


Sample letter to request marriage certificate from govt authority/ union council, district administration etc.

Request for a Marriage Certificate

The Pastor in Charge,
United Presbyterian Church of USA

Dear Pastor David,

My name is John Cena S/O Samuel John, resident of St. Marry Road, Chicago. I have got married with Julia Roberts D/O Robertson on 22-11-(Date) at the Church; you were the pastor who has bounded us in God’s name. Pastor because of relocated from the previous location/house, we have lost the marriage certificate during shifting to our new house. I did not noticed but yesterday I went to change the name, and address on identity card of my wife, they asked me to bring marriage certificate. They cannot change it without marriage certificate as a proof.

I request you to make a new marriage certificate so we can have it for future process/need. I am writing our names, ages, date of birth, residence address below. Hope to get a quick response from you.

God bless you, and all the Church members.

John Cena

Marriage Certificate Application

Respected Registrar sir,

Respectfully, it is my humble request that kindly issue my marriage certificate as soon as possible. I got married 2 month ago, and still did not get my marriage certificate. Hope that soon you will act upon my request.



Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage


Sample leave application for younger brother marriage from school, college, university, office, company.

Leave Application for Younger Brother Marriage

Mr. Alex Thornton
Head Human Resource Department

Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health. It is to inform you that the marriage ceremony of my younger brother is to be held on (Date). You may be aware that after my father’s demise, being his eldest son, I have to assume his responsibilities. Therefore, to attend the function, my family needs my assistance and guidance.

You are hereby requested to please allow me leaves for One month commencing from (Date) to (date). I am looking forward to receiving a positive response from your side.

Alan Taylor
Accounts Executive

Application for younger brother marriage

The Coordinator,


With due respect, I would like to inform you that the marriage ceremony of my younger brother is going to be held on (Date). Being the elder brother, I have been assigned lots of tasks by my parents to arrange for the marriage ceremony, and it requires at least a week to fulfill all the related requirements.

Please approve my leave from (Date) to carry out the things with peace of mind. I have attached an image of the Marriage Card with this application to support the above.

Thanking in anticipation.

Best Regards,

(Your Name)
Site Supervisor.

Application for Younger Brother Marriage Sample

The manager, Nestle

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I want to leave for the coming week to attend my brother’s marriage. After that, I have to go to my home town for the wedding and arrangements. Therefore, I will make sure to complete my work in time. I shall be really thankful to you for approving my application.


Mr. M. William

Leave Application for Marriage Anniversary


Sample leave application for office, school, college, university to attend the ceremony of marriage anniversary with your wife, husband, kids, and other family members. You can use the below leave application for the first, second anniversary of your marriage.

Marriage Anniversary Leave Application for Office

Dear Sir,

Tomorrow is my marriage anniversary, and I need one day’s leave to celebrate the family. Therefore, I request you to please accept my leave on (date). I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Leave to Celebrate Marriage Anniversary

The Principal,

Subject: Leave to celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary

Dear Ma’am,

You’re requested to kindly sanction me one day leave (Date) as tomorrow is my 1st wedding anniversary, and all my in-laws are coming to my home to celebrate this happy day with us. I have to do a lot of preparations for their arrival at home to come to school tomorrow. Kindly facilitate me in this regard.


Mrs. Asma Awan

Leave Application for Wedding Anniversary

The Managing Director,

Subject: Leave for 25th Marriage Anniversary

Dear Sir,

It is my immense pleasure to inform you that tomorrow is my silver jubilee wedding anniversary. To make it special for my wife, I want to take a day off and spend all the time with my family. We have plans for celebrations tomorrow. So I request you to assign me a day off kindly.

Thanking you for your cooperation.


Mr. Asim Raza

Sales Manager

Leave Letter for Anniversary of Marriage

Dear Manager Sale Audit,

I hope you are fine. I am Muhammad Ali have been working as an assistant sales audit manager. As you know, I had been married one of my cousins last year. So it’s been 1 year of my marriage.

My first marriage anniversary is on the 15th of this month. I want to make this day memorable with my life partner as I take her to the northern areas. So I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days to enjoy and celebrate my anniversary inefficiently.

I am looking forward to your support to make this event unforgettable.


Muhammad Ali

Leave Application for First Wedding Anniversary

Dear Sir,

I humbly state that I have worked in your company as a junior accountant for the last 3 years. However, I want to leave for my wedding anniversary celebration on (Date) as it is our first wedding anniversary so it must be celebrated with great pride. Therefore, to be held completely as planned, I will not provide my services for 2 days.

It is humbly requested that considering this an essential matter, kindly approve my application for anniversary leave. I will be eternally grateful to you for this kindness and love.

With best regards,


Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony


Sample leave application due to Nikah Ceremony of your own at home, out of town, in another city, or country. You can also use this leave application to attend the Nikah ceremony of yourself, your friend, son, daughter, uncle, or anyone else. Some people arrange Nikah before the marriage ceremony.

Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony from Office

The HR Manager,

Active Media Company.

Subject: Leave due to nikkah ceremony

Dear Sir,

I am thrilled to share the news of my nikkah ceremony on (Date) at my hometown, Faisalabad. Since I have to make many arrangements for this occasion, I request you kindly grant me leave from office for five days, (Date) To (Date), and kindly sanction me the salary for this month before I leave. I shall remain much obliged to you.


Asim Janjua.

Production Manager

Leave Application Due To Nikkah Ceremony

The Manager,

Human Resource Department

Dear Sir,

My younger brother’s Nikkah ceremony is going to be held afternoon tomorrow. Being his only elder brother, I have been given the responsibility by my parents for taking care of all the arrangements in this regard. As you know, efficient and successful management of such ceremonies takes due to time and care. So, I shall be grateful to you for granting me leave for tomorrow to make timely arrangements for the ceremony and become a part of the long-lasting memories of my family members.

The invitation letter for the Nikkah ceremony is enclosed. It will be a great pleasure and honor if you could also attend the ceremony tomorrow.

I look forward to your approval of my leave application and your participation in the ceremony.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,


Leave Letter for Nikah Program

The Manager Sales,

Rahim Enterprises,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I, Khalid Shiekh, have been working as Zonal Sales Manager in Rahim Enterprises. It gives me immense pleasure to share that my sister’s nikkah date has been fixed, which is the 10th of this month.

The ceremony is being held in a wedding hall located in the city area. Being an elder brother, I have more responsibility to arrange and organize all tasks. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days to fulfill this holy event.


Khalid Sheikh

Marriage Leave Extension Letter to Office/Manager or Company


Want to apply for a leave extension? Sample request application letter for extension in marriage leave from office, company, factory, school, college, or University.

Application for Extension of Leave for Marriage Leaves

Dear Sir,

I want to request a marriage leave extension from (date to date). I already spent granted holidays but due to some urgent purposes, I need five more leaves. Looking for your consent. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Marriage Leave Extension Letter for Office

The Manager Finance,

Dear Manager,

I hope you are fine. I am Ishfaq Khan, an employee in the finance division. I am working here for the last 5 years. By the grace of God, my marriage ceremony had completed last Sunday. Hundreds of guests have joined the ceremony. It is really a pleasant experience of being a married person.

To have a pleasant & better understanding with my life partner, I have planned to visit northern areas. However, I may not have the chance to go after some time. So I request you to please extend my leaves for 3 more days. I will join my office inshallah on the 20th of this month instead of the 17th.

Thanks & Regards,

Ishfaq Khan

Leave Extension Letter Due to Marriage

The CEO,

ABD Company

Subject: Extension in matrimonial leave

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I had been on a fortnight leave for my marriage ceremony and was supposed to report at work on (Date). But, due to the assassination of the political leader of our locality, chaos has spread, and leaving home with my newlywed wife is not safe. I, therefore, request you to kindly grant me leave for two more days (Date) so that the anger here in people can vent out and traveling can become safe. I’ll be much obliged to you.


Sagar Qureshi.

Media Manager

Extension to Marriage Leave

The Managing Director,

Ali Institute

Subject: Request for 15 days extension in leave

Dear Sir,

Thank you for attending my wedding. I am truly honored. You have been very kind to me in assigning me matrimonial leave earlier. As I am the last born of my family, my siblings and their families have especially come from abroad to relish this happy family event thoroughly. We have planned to visit Murree, Nathiagali, Bhurban, and surrounding areas for a family excursion.

I really want to enjoy this time with my entire family making beautiful memories for life. Therefore, I request you to please extend my leave for 15 days (Date). I shall remain grateful to you for this favor.


Ali Raza.

Resource Manager

Marriage Leave Extension Letter

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

As you know, I previously sent my application to you for three leaves for my marriage. However, I have been told by my family members about some rituals and customs of marriage, which will take seven days to be fulfilled. Although I am not a staunch supporter of all such marriage rituals and customs, it is hard for me to convince my own family and my wife’s family members to postpone or miss some rituals. Therefore, I shall be very grateful to you for this extension of four more days, or in total seven days.

I look forward to you adding more joy to my marriage by extending my leaves.

Best Regards,