Letter Asking For Financial Assistance For Hospital Bills

Sample Format of request letter or application to send to your office senior, employer, friend, and telling them about your tough financial crisis and how medical bills are way out of your range.

Letter Asking for Financial Help in Paying Hospital Bills



I am an ordinary worker in your office. As you know, I am suffering from cancer. Last week, I had my chemotherapy which shook my monthly budget badly. I have a family and the expenses are becoming unbearable for me. I cannot bear the expenses of my treatment alone.

Currently, I am facing acute financial crisis. I am not even able to buy my medicine for this month. I need financial help from this office.

Sir, I am an honest and hard working person. Kindly arrange a small charity campaign in this office for my treatment, so that the employees of this office can contribute some money for my financial assistance.

I am in dire need of money and need your cooperation.

Yours truly


Letter asking for financial Assistance for Hospital Bills

 Respected Sir/Madam,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter with a lot of hope that maybe you will be able to help me. My father’s business was not doing very well for a long time, our financial instability had hit its peak and there was a lot of burden on my father’s shoulders. He had taken a loan from a bank before he started his business and was not able to pay it off. He had a lot of debt to pay off and was always stressed out due to these reasons. Recently, because of the magnitude of stress he had a heart attack. We immediately took him to the hospital and he has been admitted for three days. He was worried about the hospital bills but I assured him that the matter had been taken care of and he does not need to worry. However, the hospital bill is around Rs. 50,000 and I cannot afford such an amount. I will be so grateful if you can provide me some financial assistance in my hard time and pay the hospital bill.

I hope you will help me out and provide me with an assuring response.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

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