Thank You for Your Commitment and Support Letter

Sample thanks letter to non participants in the event who were invited and request for commitment of participation in the next event. Letter for Participants not attending the event in school, college, university or company.

Letter of Thanks for Commitment

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, here, at the [company] felt your absence on the 28th of July, Saturday, at the Royal Palm Country Golf Club. The fund raising event was inevitable in order to accumulate or to carry out all the high quality services that we offer here at the institute. No delaying was possible either.

Although, we completely understand why you were unable to show up. We all have places to be and our own commitments. It’s very understandable. We all wish to thank you for being a part of AH Foundation anyway. It is an honour in its own. We also desire and aspire for you to be able to join hands with us and attend any further upcoming events.

Furthermore, after the school re-opens, after the 28th of august you are welcome to visit the school any time you want and drop in charity; if you wish to bind the future of our children brighter, better and securer. Our doors will always be open. We welcome assistance in all forms.

Thank you


Sample thanks letter to non participants
Sample thanks letter to non participants

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