Loan Cancellation Letter Sample

Sample application letter to bank to request for cancellation of loan for which you applied earlier. During the loan approval process, the applicant may cancel the loan request for personal or business reasons.

Application to Request for Loan Cancellation

Respected Sir,

I applied for a business loan from your bank, which got delayed due to processing. But in the meantime, I got the required loan from another bank.

I just receive an email that the loan is approved. I request you to kindly cancel the issued loan so that I do not have to pay any interest or fee and issue the NOC. So far, I have not received any money from your bank. I will be thankful for your cooperation cancellation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Application for Loan Cancellation

The Supreme Bank
United States of America

Respected Loan Manager,

My name is Smith, and last week I submitted an application for a loan. I am writing this letter to take it to your kind notice that I do not need that loan anymore. I will be very grateful to you if you cancel my application.

Thank you


Application for Loan Cancellation

The Branch Manager,
XYZ Bank Limited,
(Address) Branch,

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I applied for a loan for my own business as I had to buy stocks of a reputed company in Pakistan Stock Exchange.  Since I have arranged the amount, I request your bank to please cancel the loan proceedings.

I hope you will consider my request. Looking forward to your response


A/C # 123456789

Home Loan Cancellation Letter

Respected Bank Manager,

Three months back, I applied for a home loan from your bank, and your operations manager told me that it would take six months for the approval of the loan. Now my financial situation is not in good shape to bear the burden of a home loan. So it is my humble request to cancel my loan process as soon as you receive my letter.



Loan Cancellation Letter From Bank


It is to inform you that the loan for which you applied has been canceled immediately. The government has changed its policy in connection with sanctioning of loans. It is regretted, And you are advised to apply till further policy. Otherwise, the bank is at your beck and call.

Yours sincerely,

Loan Cancellation Letter


With all due respect, it is stated that your request for a loan from the bank has been canceled because of the limitations in your bank account. Your bank account is not old enough for us to grant you a loan.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and wish you the best of luck.

Thanking you,

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  1. please send me a memorandum that the company will discontinue the cash of employee due to payment is not on time and lack of understanding. thankyou

    1. Dear Sir. I want to tell you that the loan given to you in the past was not repaid on time. And when asked, you did not answer. So we’re sorry you can’t get any more cash loan from the company. I hope you understand.
      Thank You.
      Your Name

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