Love Letter for a Long-Distance Boyfriend for Relationship

Want to write a true love letter to your boyfriend? Here we are giving you a great example of a real and true love letter to send to your boyfriend who lives in another country.

Love Letter for a Long Distance Relationship

Assalamualaikum. My darling, I really want to say thank you so much for your caring, I’m extremely glad and highly appreciate all the good-hearted and beautiful words from you…I will always love you and I promise that nothing can stop me from loving you. You are my choice and my heart always beats for you. I am indeed very pleased to meet you, I will come and visit you soon after my trip because I believe that it will help us to know more about each other. I feel that something very special exists between us…

Honestly, my heart feels joy whenever I receive an email message from you. Because it’s inspired me a lot and makes me feel more confident in you. Darling, you are very wonderful. you are part of my happiness and I can’t wait to show you the kind of love I have for you, I would have loved to give you all this in my present but because of my trip, am among the medical specialist that will be traveling to the United States for medical attendance, that will take few weeks, and after that, it will be my vacation time because I need to rest after all this stress, so I want to use the opportunity to come and visit you, I will be coming from there to visit you, then we can discuss about our plans together I hope that you will take me around and also take me to the beach?
My darling here is my WhatsApp number +000000000

My darling please send me your complete address as soon as you receive this mail, I want to surprise you, my love, to show you that I will really care for you, I have some things I bought for you and some things I bought for myself that I will use when I come over there to visit you and I want to courier them to you, Because I can’t travel to United States with those items because we are traveling for purpose of medical activities, please send me your address now, and also take good care of yourself for me over there, My darling don’t forget to send me your address here in my email, such as
Your full name,
Your full Address,
Your Mobile phone number.

Love Letter for a Long Distance Relationship

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