Love letter for Unknown Girl

Want to write a love letter to an unknown girl? We are giving you sample love letters to send to strange girls to show your true love feelings, dating, future relationships, marriage, etc.

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Letter to Unkown Girl, You Saw During a Travel, Trip, or Journey

Dearest Unknown Girl,

I saw you on the trip. But now I think I always want to see you. At the end of the journey, I realized that my heart is beginning to love you. I couldn’t stand being separated from you. I was saddened by the thought of separation. And in fact, tears in my eyes made me write this expressive letter to you.

We are strangers to each other, but I assure you that you will be happy to meet me. So I want you to accept my invitation so we can have a cup of coffee at your favorite place. I am looking for your consideration of my request.

Only Yours,

Your Name

Letter to an unknown girl for Friendship

Dear Verena,

Because writing to you is the only way I have of obtaining an introduction, I hope you will see it with compassion and attribute to my sincere adoration what may appear indelicate obtrusiveness. I freely admit that I am motivated to commit this crime by the profound impression you have left on me. Every time I see you, I am overcome with a strong want to see you again.

Will you do me the courtesy I so desire and let this letter start a friendship?

I’m hoping you’ll treat me with a positive response.

Your ardent admirer,


Love Letter to Unknown Girl for Friendship

Greetings, Maria

I realize my letter may surprise you, but I couldn’t resist writing to you today since I’ve been working up the guts to do so for a long time. So allow me to open my heart and express my sentiments through this letter. I’ve always wanted a friendly and sympathetic buddy, and you are the one who has piqued my curiosity.

I enjoy going on walks with my pals and meeting up for brunch and coffee. I am fun-loving, and I want my friends to be the same. If you don’t mind, I’d like to extend my hand in friendship with you. I’m curious about your interests, hobbies, and everything else you enjoy. I would appreciate it if you could answer favorably to my letter.

I am your admirer.


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