Leave Application for Medical Check up to Principal

Sample Leave Application for Medical Checkup to Principal of school, college, academy, institute or any other educational place. leave application format for school teachers to principal with reason of medical checkup of yourself, family member, parents, mother, father or any other closed friend or relation.

Leave Application Letter for Medical Checkup to Principal

Beaconhouse School System,

United States,

Respected Sir,

I want to say that I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow in the morning. The time of the appointment is clashing with the school time. I request you to grant me a leave for tomorrow. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Kim Kardashian

Application Letter for Medical Check Up

Respected Principal,

Respectfully stating that i , Ms Amna Nazeer, am working as English Teacher at primary level. I have to inform you that I am having severe headache for two days. I have consulted with my physician and have an appointment fixed for tomorrow at 10:30 a.m for my medical check up. So i want to file a leave for tomorrow. I would be grateful to you for this favour and for the co-operate of the fixture teachers as well.

Thank you

Amna Nazeer

Leave Application for Medical Checkup to Principal

The Principal

University College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences,

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur,

Hasilpur Road, Bahawalpur


Respected Sir,

It is kindly requested to you that I have to undergo a physical medical checkup at BVH (Bahawal Victoria  Hospital) for having a medical certificate signed from the MO ( Medical Officer). So that I can submit the certificate in scholarship program offered by Chinese Govt. and HEC joint venture. Kindly allow me to leave for a day from university so I can get my medical checkup completed. It would be so nice of you.

Yours Obediently

Ahmad Ali

Roll no 10UCVAS92


Leave for Medical Checkup by Student

Respected Headmaster,

I am student of O-Level in your school. I am suffering through brain hemorrhage and doctor given time for medical checkup, CT Scan and some other blood tests. I have appointment on tomorrow morning at 11 AM. I request you to please allow me to go for medical checkup as it is very serious disease.

Thanking you and looking for one day leave approval.

Sincerely yours,


Leave Application for Medical Check up to Principal
Leave Application for Medical Check up to Principal

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