Application for Requesting Deduction of Provident Fund

Application letter to agree, or convince the manager of company to initiate the deduction of the provident fund from employees salaries so they will be able to have a handsome amount at the time of resignation, or retirement.

Request for Deduction of PF

Respected Manager,

It is stated that I am an employee of your company for Geotechnical Division. I am writing to request you regarding the deduction of the provident fund from the salaries of all the employees. Doing so will have a handsome amount of benefits to company as well as its employees. The company may gain the attraction of other people in the field owing to the care of its employees. Also the employees will work with more dedication, and their loyalty towards the firm will increase. All the companies give their employees benefit during their service but very few of them take after them after their retirement. The handsome amount of money given to the employees at the time of retirement will further help them in their settlement when there will be no source of income left.

Respect sir, I hope that all the above mentioned points are enough to make you agreed upon this term. I hope that you will grant all of us with this favor. I shall be thankful to you on behalf of all the employees of company.

Best Regards,

Mateen Amir

Application for Requesting Deduction of Provident Fund
Application for Requesting Deduction of Provident Fund

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