Taking Money for Additional Expense

Sample request letter to get money for additional expense you made for the company for any purpose, or wherever you required to spend the additional money.

Additional Expense Coverage Request Letter

Respected sir

It is stated that recent month I have taken approval for the new laptops of office which cost me more than two lakhs. The amount is equal to the amount which is approved by you but sir now there is another problem laptops are going to me cost for two lack, and fifty thousand due to extra transportation charge. So sir kindly approves another twenty thousand rupee budget. So I will proceed.

Thanks in advance.



Cash Required for Additional Expense
Cash Required for Additional Expense

Application for Asking Money

General Manager,


With due respect, I beg to say that I am in dire need of money. Despite gathering all of my savings, and collecting all loans I am still unable to sum up required amount of cash. I need this money for a family event which is very important to me. I am a sole earning member of the family. Hence, I cannot avoid this expense.

Therefore, I am requesting for some extra money as a bonus with my monthly salary. It will help me a lot. Thank you very much in advance for this favor. You have my gratitude.


Wilson Wills

Application to Ask Some Money

Dear Sir,

I am writing this application to you so that I can ask for some favor from you. As you know about salary package, and all details about it, I want you to help me, the issue is about money. As my sister is getting married next month, and I want some money for making her dowry, please Sir Don’t discuss this with any other coworker. I want only you to help me out, I promise you to give the money back as soon as possible.


Wajahat Chaudhry

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