Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts

Sample request letter to ask for delivery of spare parts for maintenance of office machines, printers, computers, networking, cables, WAN, LAN etc. In this letter you are asking from the vendor/supplier to deliver the required spare parts and services of maintenance engineer for urgent services.

Spare parts Delivery Request Letter

Ms. Aana
Manager Client Services
Semi Office Corp
Branch Office
DHA, Lahore

Subject: Request for Delivery of Spare Parts

Dear Madam,

We at SemiOffice require two toners for photocopiers Panasonic Model No. DP 8020 P. Please deliver the toners at our Defence Office, Lahore. We need them very urgently because we do not have any single toner as backup and our office work is highly disturbed.

Looking for your response.

Thanks and Regards,

Ayesha Manzoor,
Manager Administration

Email for Spare Parts Delivery

Dear Sir,

It is a request for delivery of spare parts for maintenance of computers(details sent in an approved quotation) urgently. As mentioned in our maintenance contract you are bound the provide all the required services within five days after final approval of the quotation. Our office work is suffering and need urgent maintenance. Please reply back with the time and date when you will visit our office for maintenance work.

Sincerely yours,

Nimra Asad
Manager Administration

Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts
Request Letter for Delivery of Spare Parts

Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate

Sample request letter for tax exemption from sales.

Example Letter Asking for Sales Tax Exemption

Department of Revenue

Subject: Request Letter for Tax Exemption

Dear Sir,

A group of volunteers of AH Foundation had arranged a Movie Night at Ali Auditorium to raise funds for students of AH Foundation. Keeping in mind that the event was for a very worthy cause and all the fund raising had been donated to AH Foundation. Kindly exempt any taxes on the raised money from this event and refund the security amount of $ 10,000/- as soon as possible.

With Best wishes and profound Regards,

Muhammad Samiullah

Letter Requesting Tax Exemption Certificate

Dear Sir or Madam,

AH Foundation is a charity organization working for special education in underdeveloped areas. As per Ordinance 1984 charitable organizations are exempted from any under section A3. We are submitting our annual audit report and details of our projects.

On behalf of AH Foundation I request you to please issue Tax Exemption Certificate for AH Foundation. I will be at your complete disposal of any information/reports/ that you may require to process our request. Looking for your kind consideration.


Usman Amjad

Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate
Request Letter for Tax Exemption and Certificate

Invitation Letter for Marriage to Friends

Sample invitation letter for marriage to friends. Marriage Invitation to Colleagues, coworkers, class fellows and close friends. Sample marriage invitation letter sample to invite boss, manager, president, CEO, chairman to your marriage ceremony with their families. You can send this letter in email or by postal services.

Marriage Invitation Letter to Friend and his Family

Mr. David Helton,
Street no. 5, China Town,
San Francisco. California

Dear Helton,

I hope that my letter finds you in best of your health. My family and I are also perfectly fine. You just vanished after the vocations were announced.

I am writing this letter to break charming news to you that my elder brother John and his girlfriend Catherine are getting married, the next month. I know that you will be as excited by this news as I am. The date of marriage is 25th July. I invite you and your entire family to join us on this special day. I believe that you will give us the chance of hospitality on this special occasion.

See you on 26th.

Your very own,
James Smith

Marriage Invitation Letter to Colleagues/Friends

Dear Colleagues/Friends,

I am very happy to invite you to my wedding ceremony. It is going to held on 6th of this month at 12 pm. I warmly welcome you and your family to this ceremony. It would be an honor to have you and your family in my wedding ceremony.

Warm Regards,


Invitation Letter for Marriage

I am Mr. Amir Ali, working in your company since 2016. I am pleased to inform you that my marriage is going to be held on 25th April,2017 at Shahi Dera, Lahore. The timings for barat is at 7o’ clock in the evening. I would like to invite you along with your subordinates, cordially, to attend the ceremony.

Let me avail an opportunity to make my day more special, if I would get a chance to share my happiness with my fellows including you. It will be an honour for me and my family, if you all will come and bless us with your warm wishes. I will look forward to welcome you wholeheartedly.

Thanking you,

Amir Ali

Marriage Invitation Letter Sample
Marriage Invitation Letter Sample

Marriage Invitation Letter Sample

55-Model Town,

Subject: Marriage Invitation

Dear Hamza,

The great moments of my life are arriving in just two weeks. Don’t worry the movements are nothing else just I am going to start my matrimonial life.

I got engaged accidentally with my close friend even I was not able to call any of my best friends to attend my engagement ceremony just because it was just like an accident. I reached back to my home from office my parents, sisters and brothers and some other guests received me with a surprise of bouquet and told about the engagement ceremony. Anyways in second week to November I am going to be married.

I welcome you to my matrimonial ceremony from my heart and soul. I hope with presence of you my happiness would be doubled. I will wait for you to come two days before so I will go with you for shopping as well.

Warm Regards,


Invitation Letter for Marriage to Friends
Invitation Letter for Marriage to Friends

Wedding Invitation to Friend

John Moser, California

Dearest John,

Hope you are doing well. How is everyone at your home?

As you know my brother’s wedding is next month and you are invited along with your family. I have arranged a guest house for your stay. The dates are from 5th June to 8th June. As you have promised that you will manage some time and will attend the wedding so I expect you to fulfill it. Pay my regards to all family members at home. Looking forward for your arrival.

Yours loving,

Smith Watz,

Your brother’s marriage is going to take place next month. Your friend John lives in another city. Write a letter in not more than 180 words inviting your friend and his parents.

Dear John,

I hope you and your family is doing well. I have amazing news to tell you. The news is that our brother Rory is getting married next month on the 28th in the winters. We all have been waiting for that day. All my family is very excited and I am sure yours will be too after knowing this news.

Now what I and my whole family wants is that you along with your family come to our place for attending the wedding of brother Rory at least a few days before the wedding. We all will be waiting for all of you. Hope to see you soon friend. Say greetings from my side to all at home.

Your Friend,

Fizzah Mamoona

How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Letter for chief guest. The simplest method for writing a letter for chief guest or guest of honor is to follow these steps. Here are the following steps to write a letter to chief guest.

Sample Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Mr. Faraday Brown
Florida, USA

Sir, with due respect I have to inform you about the mega event that our university is hosting. We are proud to be the university with the highest number of graduates working at your company. As you know that along with studies, it is important for students to see and learn from a living inspiration as well. It is not only motivating for them but it also helps them to realize where hard work would take them.

For this purpose, we are hosting an innovation seminar which would give the students a chance to show their talent and knowledge. We would like to have you as the chief guest because you have not only achieved so much with your learning power but also of the fact that you graduated from this prestigious university as well.

Kindly accept this letter as an invitation to the seminar. We have attached the invitation card with it as well which concludes all the required information. Thank you for your kind attitude.

Mr. David Arthur
Dean, Aerotech University
Florida, USA

How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest

  1. In first paragraph of letter to chief guest you must explain your relation with the chief guest or explain why you are interested to call him as chief guest. like “I am grateful for your meeting with me at Annual conference of business college”.
  2. In second paragraph you must explain the event in which you want to call the chief guest.
  3. In third paragraph you must directly invite the chief guest and explain the objectives for calling him as chief guest. Also explain the tasks you asked to do by chief guest like “certificate distribution” etc. In last sentence you must be thankful for your chief guest and show your high desire that you want him as chief guest.
  4. At the end just pay thanks and Regards.
How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest
How to Write a Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter

Sample letter to inform the receiving of appointment letter of job with thanks. Thanks letter to company after getting the appointment letter available for free download.

Thank You Letter For Receiving Appointment Letter in Email

Respected HR Group Head,

I am writing this letter in reply of the appointment letter received by me sent by LACAS school. I am pleased to inform you that I agree to join the school at the set out conditions. It will be a good chance for me to perform in well known school. I will be there at school at 8 a.m sharp on 1st april, 2017. I would like to say thanks to you to trust me and to give me an opportunity to prove my capabilities.

Thank you

Laraib Sami

Thanks Letter After Getting the Appointment Letter

Mr. Mujtaba Khan
Leads, United Kingdom

Subject: Acknowledgement of Receiving Appointment Letter

Dear Sir,

I am grateful to receive my appointment letter for the post of [position] from [company]. I will make sure my attendance from my joining date as mentioned in my appointment letter. I hope you will find me ever best candidate for this post because of my dedications, qualifications and expertise in this field. I am thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Beenish Iqbal

Thanks Letter for Employer

Dear Ms. Areesha Awais,

Through this letter I express my thanks to you and the management for sending my appointment letter for the job as Manager Marketing. I confirm the joining of the job on exact date mentioned in the appointment letter and hope to prove myself the best performer on the job.

Thanking you,

Rimsha Arif

Appointment Acceptance Letter Format

Dear Sir,

With reference to my appointment letter in last week I am thankful to you for appointing me at the position of assistant manager. Big thanks for believing me and this job is according to my own interest as well. I would never disappoint you with my work. I agree with all the terms and conditions and the salary package as well.

I would join the company right after the end of meeting with the current organization.

Yours truly,


Thank You Letter for Receiving Job Appointment Letter

I am Ms. Nadia Ali, pleasingly writing this letter to you in reply of the appointment letter I received by your school yesterday. It is to inform you about my positive consent to work and provide services in such a well reputed and well organized system of education.

It has been my passion always to work in a challenging environment and to groom the students in aspects of education as well as information. I will be joining the school on 2nd May, 2016. I’ll be there sharp at half past 7, as said by you in the appointment letter.

I am really grateful to the management and selection committee to provide me the opportunity to serve under such a competent supervision. Thanking you.

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter
Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Appointment Letter

Acknowledgement Letter for Appointment Letter

The HR Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Dear Mr.XYZ.

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have received my appointment letter on time and I’ll be at the office for my interview. As you mentioned in your letter that you’re firm demands acknowledgments of receiving and accepting appointment letters, I thought of writing this letter to you.

I have been waiting to be a part of your firm since a few months now and I can’t miss this opportunity.

Thanking you and best regards,

How to write a Salary Increment Letter?

Steps for Writing a Salary Increment Application Letter

Decide why you need letter or Application for salary increment?

  1. Decide whether you need to write a letter for salary increment
  2. What are the reasons that you need salary increment (find out some solid reasons)
  3. Whom you need to address in the salary increment letter (find out the right person)

How to write a good salary increment letter. All the steps for writing a salary increment letter are mentioned below.

  1. Subject Line: Do not mention the direct words in the subject line for specific salary increment. Like “I need salary increment of $2000 from August 2016”. The best way is to mention indirect words like “I am writing for promotion”,”Application for Promotion and Increments”, “Application for Benefits Increment”.
  2. Normally first paragraph of any letter mentions the purpose of the letter. But if you want to adopt a better way for your salary increment you must describe your achievements, expertise, education and working experience. Like “I am working as Manager Marketing and during the year of 2016 I achieved all the impossibles because of my experience, qualification and expertise”.
  3. In the second paragraph you need to mention your desired increment by using indirect words. In this way you may get more increment then you expect. But if you mention the exact increment that you want then there are chances that you may lose. Because if you get the same as you mentioned you might admire double or you may lose the step for negotiations.
  4. In the closing paragraph always be thankful or grateful for you are writing to. Like I will be thankful, I will be grateful, etc. A good letter can benefit you more than your expectations. In a good letter you can easily demonstrate your achievements in words and convey your demands very easily.

Samples of Application for Salary Increment

Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

Sample application for installments of Income Tax from your salary to the company director or manager.

Application for Payment by Installments

DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir,

Accounts department wants to deduct Rs. 40,000/- from my salary in the month of June 2016. We request you to please deduct only Rs. 5000/- from my Salary on monthly basis. At this time I am in urgent need to money due to some domestic emergency and facing financial challenges. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Manager Resource Development

Application for Installments_of Tax Payment from Salary
Application for Installments_of Tax Payment from Salary

Application for Installments of Tax Payment from Salary

Public Relation Manager,
American Bank,
New York.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that the annual income tax due on me is worth of $1500, which is payable till Oct, 30th but I am unable to pay the entire tax amount at once. My salary account is in your bank. The account number is 0123456789. You are requested to make installments of this tax and deduct it from my salary. I shall be grateful to you for this favor. Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,


Welcome Speech for Annual Day Program

Sample welcome speech for annual day program in school, college, university or office to students and employees.

Speech for Welcome the Guests in Annual Event

Dear Audience,
I, on behalf of SemiOffice cardinally welcome you to the annual games and dinner ceremony. We are grateful to you to take out some time to join us in this great event. We hope you have a great time and keep enjoying the event as you always have.

Thank you

Speech for Annual Day in School

Respected Audience,

We welcome you all to the opening ceremony of annual summer internship program at [Organization]. It is great that you all are here and choose this institute for your internship. We hope that you will find your time with us exciting and take along with you all the experiences and lessons you learn as well as some charishable memories. My name is Sami and Saima is with me. We are working here in Resource Development Department of this institute.

This year students of more than 10 institutions are participating in this internship program. We have a 20 days plan for all volunteers. For your convenience department allocation lists are been displayed on noticeboards. Where you can check your assigned departments and your supervisor’s names. This is a great opportunity for you to work with special children and learn their problems as well as their strengths.

We have over 500 students here at our both campuses with various mental and physical disabilities and over the next 3 weeks, you will interact with these special children and we expect all of you to handle them with utmost care and sincerity.

Thank You Very Much for Your Time and Patience

Welcome Speech for Annual Day Program
Welcome Speech for Annual Day Program

How to Invite CEO for Speech

Sample words and sentences to invite the company CEO for a speech in English to ceremony, event, trainees or conference. There are very short words and good when you are inviting the CEO after another important speech.

Sample How to Invite CEO 1

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the [organization] and to introduce you to our CEO Mr. James. I would now invite [Mr. James] to give there please. Thank you very much.

or use below simple sentence

I will take this opportunity to invite Mr. James to address us.

Inviting President for Speech

I would now like to call upon Mr Ahmad, Vice President and Director Finance to give a briefing on the financial aspects of different projects run by this society.
Please put your hands together for Mr Ahmad.

Inviting Principal for Speech in Farewell Party

As our journey now comes to an end, and we have all had the time of our lives. We’ve built undying forever-lasting friendships. We’ve not just learnt about books but have learnt more about ourselves, and how to be better individuals. These three years have purely changed me, they’ve made me a better person. Now, I’d like to call Ms. Namrah Naveed so she can share with us her experience, and tell us what impact this session had.

How to Invite CEO for Speech
How to Invite CEO for Speech

Invite CEO for Speech

Mr. Armaghan John, CEO Inglot

Respected sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to invite you on our departments’ New Year party.  We will be saying good bye to one of our employee as he is getting retired. We shall be really grateful if you will join us.

Sir as you are a role model for all of us and you have been a great strength of the company I would request you to deliver a speech for us. It would be our pleasure to listen to your precious words and it will motivate us to be a good employee. We will also be having a corporate dinner by the end.

We are looking forward to you presence.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mark Andrew, Manager Inglot

Everyone has his/her own style to invite someone on the stage. But he/she must have preparations before the time of invitation. You can write down what to speak. You can carry a written paper with invitation words and name of the CEO or other personality with designation.

Welcome Address for New Students or Internees

Sample welcome address for new students in school, college, university or training center.

Welcome Address for New Students

Dear Students,

My Name is ____________ and I welcome you all on the behalf of [Organization]. We are really grateful that all of you chose {organization name} for your summer internship and we assure to assist you in the best possible manner. We have been conducting this internship program since 2015 to provide students like you, the perfect platform to understand the practicality of work here and so that you realize your social responsibilities towards the less privileged children that we have in our institution.

[Organization} was founded by our president in 1984. Since then this institution has grown in stature and fame and has clawed its way to become the largest privately run welfare society of its type. We have over 500 students here at our campus with various mental and physical disabilities and over the next 3 weeks, you will interact a great deal with these special children and we expect all of you to handle them with utmost care and sincerity.

I hope that you take along with you all the experience and lessons you learn as well as some cherish-able memories. I welcome you again to this wonderful institution that has been serving the society over the past 3 decades .

Thank you very much

Welcome Address for New Students or Internees
Welcome Address for New Students or Internees

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