Personal Statement for Admission in University sample

This personal statement is a general sample for you to look at. This kind of personal statement can be used for college, university, and school applications. You can modify the statement according to your needs, and circumstances. But please make sure that universities stamp statements taken from internet as plagiarized material. This is just to give you an idea now how to write the statement. This is one of the ideal formats of personal statements.

Sample Personal Statement

I wish I could start off my autobiography as the daughter of a minister, or the sister of a politician. I wish I could write about (your name) who stars in Holly wood- like fantasies. If only my Biography could consist of my name being followed by Master Chef, best mathematician of all times , universal bestfriend, or a princess. These claims would be at worst outright lies, or at best, best exaggerated character. Who am I? I am the product of reality, and my imagination. Before anything, I am myself; I am me. I am (your name).
Being precise, I am a sixteen year old girl, born in Lahore, and brought up in Multan, and back to Lahore again. I took my Early School Education from The A B C D School Multan, and did my O-levels from A B C D School campus. I had 5A*s, and 3As in my O-levels. I am currently doing my A-1 from the A B C D School . I have been a member of student council since grade 2 either as captain of Red House, vice house caption of Yellow House, president of Debating society, President of English Literary Society, President of Urdu Literary Society, President of Pythagorian society, Captain of Science Society, prefect of section, and etc. My whole school life is enriched with Co-Curriculars starting from scoring 7th position in Multan, and 29th position in A B C D School , being nominated for National Mohammadi Award, receiving Gold, and silver medals for academic, and overall performance, Representing Pakistan in Chinese Embassy, being in top 3 in debating competitions, scoring first position in many inter-city science, maths, music, and dramatics competitions, heading many delegations to different schools, being qualified for Nationals in Spelling Bee Competition to the “Founder” of One step thousand Smiles , a student consisting organizations which aims to spread happiness in needy, and poor, and etc.
Now when it comes to my interests, one word defines it all “music’. I see perceive it in a totally different manner. For me, music is a strange linkage between souls which aids in conveying one’s ideas in the most seraphic way. A lot of people think of paintings, and drawings when you say the word ‘art’. But in reality, art is anything that ‘is beautiful, appealing, or more than ordinary significance’, and there is nothing more fascinating than soft tunes which heals your soul. Everyone’s ears, and heart are tuned differently according to the chords of Life. If I didn’t have to earn money, or run a family, and I was to choose to be someone who I really wanted to be, I would choose to be a musician – percussionist. This talent may not seem significant but talent is what changes the world. Talent is what world needs. Talent is, and dedication together can do wonders. Winston Churchil once said,” To everyone out there comes an opportunity when he is tapped on the shoulder to do a very special thing, unique to them, and fitted to their talents”

When it comes to my goals, and ambitions, I want pursue my career in Electrical Engineering. I want to be someone who studies in (ABCD) University on 100% scholarship like in A-levels. This sentence may seem impossible to the ordinary but I-m-possible to someone like me. Now when it comes to world I want to live in. I want to live in a world where I donot have to spend my life pleasing people which expect me to fly at their command. A world where instead of my education talent defines me. A world where I own my dreams instead of the fear of failing those who expect me to do what I am told. A world where people do not expect me to be the second Einstein, Newton, Mohammad Ali, or Bill Gates but expect me to be the First (your name); the every first me.

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