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Address People in Public

It is said that a man is known by the way he behaves. A man who takes care of moral principles is always respected by the others. He is always remembered in good words by his elders. Due to his politeness, and courtesy he not only earns his name but also gets his place in the society.

We should always respect our elders in society. We should be well mannered to them. For example, if you meet someone on the way, you should try greeting them first. This is symbol of your humbleness, and respect to elders.

When are in a meeting, we should speak when we have a subtle, and apt points to tell. We should avoid speaking all the time as this leaves a negative impact on the other attendants, and makes your point of view less effective. We should speak when we really need to speak. We should always think before speaking. Thus, others will also get a chance to present their view point. It is most likely that problem under discussion is solved.

When you are in a party, or at other event of such kind, you should try your possible efforts to be polite, and humble. When you are meeting a man who is senior to you in respect of age, you should use the word “Sir” to address him. In the same way, when you meet a woman, the word “Madam” is probably the most suitable word to start. If you are host, you should welcome every guest, and should move to the other one after giving some time.

When one is at any public place, one should do one’s best effort to be cooperative when the need arises. If someone requests you to do something, and you don’t want to fulfill that, you should apologize in such a way that the requester does not feel it.

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