Application for Advance Salary for Festival Diwali, Deepawali

Sample application letter for advance salary to enjoy the local festival in your city, village, town, country, etc. Some festival needs special attention and expanses. So you may need extra money to attend celebrations for buying tickets, food, travel, arrangements, donation, etc.

Advance Salary for Diwali/Deepawali Festival

Dear Sir,

Diwali Festival is approaching, and I am out of cash for preparations. Therefore, I request an advance salary for shopping for my children and family members. I hope you will oblige my request and I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Application for Advance Salary for Happy Diwali

Dear Sir,

Diwali is coming, and I have very little money. I request you to give me an advance salary so that I can celebrate Happy Diwali with my family very well. Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Email Requesting Advance Salary to Boss for Any Kind of Festival

Dear Sir,

I want to request an advance salary for next month due to the (mention the name of the festival). I hope you will grant my request and give me the favor as I need it for domestic reasons. Thanking you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter for Advance Salary for Festival (Spring Festival)

The Chairman,

Dear Sir,

As you know, I am one of your permanent employees, and my work record with this organization is excellent. I also got the Excellence Award this year, which describes my dedication and professional attitude. I am writing you to request an advance salary for the spring festival held in our city on (date).

I have always enjoyed such festivals because I get the chance to see different attractions in one place. Since such events require a certain amount of money to enjoy, so I request an advance salary. I assure you that it won’t affect my work in any way. As you are always good with your employees, I expect a good response from you. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours Sincerely,

Keune Graham

Advance Salary Request Letter for Festival Spring Festival

Dear Sir,

This letter is to request an advance salary for a festival. As we have a spring festival coming to our town, and to celebrate such a beautiful festival, I ask for an advance salary for this month. This festival only comes once a year, and I want to spend this festival with my family.



Application for Advance Salary for Diwali, Deepawali

Application for Advance Salary for Festival for Staff

Mr. Alex Steward

Head of Human Resource

Dear Sir,

I hope that you are enjoying good health.

It is to bring to your kind attention that the festive of charismas is around the corner. You would appreciate the fact that this blissful festive comes near the month-end. At this time, an employed person like other janitorial staff of your Company and me with a reasonable compensation package usually lives hand to mouth due to limited earning resources.

Considering the intricacy mentioned earlier and several janitorial staff connected with your Organization, we request you to please grant us one-month advance salaries so that they may fulfill our obligations under the religious festive. Further, such kind of generosity will surely motivate our colleagues, which will assist the Organization in achieving its targets conveniently.

I am thanking you in anticipation.

Very truly yours,
Alan Taylor

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