Application for Financial Assistance for Organizing Cultural Show

Financial Assistance request to ministry of culture festival grant, performing arts, production grant etc.

Application for Financial Assistance for Organizing Cultural Show

The registrar
University of California

Our Cultural Awareness Club runs to raise awareness about cultural diversity in the university. For this purpose we are arranging a cultural show in which people from different cultures will dress up, and offer a theme to represent their identity. It will help people getting to know each other, and understand the values from all over the world. The show consists of visual representations, speeches, and short plays.

This show can be a great opportunity to enhance talents as well. However, we are running short on finances to arrange the show as it is immersive in detail, and hosts many guests. Please, provide us financial assistance so that we can continue our creative activity.

We shall be very thankful for the favor.

Cultural Awareness Club

Application for Financial Help for Cultural Show

Dear Sir/ Madam

We established the high school union in (Date), we have been conducting different sort of activities, and conferences. This year we have decided to bring the cultural spice back to the school because as you know that we have a multicultural environment in our school. So to bring a cultural harmony among our school we are organizing a cultural show on July 17, (Date).

We have a limited resource for finance, so it is kindly requested to help us in the finances, and help us in bringing the cultures back again. Proposal letter is attached, and the school community will be highly grateful to you.  Thanking you in anticipation



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