Application letter Asking Government to Replace Government Vehicle Which is in Bad Condition

Application letter Asking Government to Replace Government Vehicle Which is Worn Out


The Civil Engineering Municipality of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas, United States

I hope this letter find you in good health, and fortune. I have been working with the civil municipality of San Antonio for over four years, and have received a government vehicle as a facility from the Department

As our job usually revolves moving around the state in off-road conditions, the current government vehicle is quite worn out. It currently has constant engine issues, coolant leaks, and a broken power-steering. I have had to have it repaired several times already, and that has cost me quite some time, and money as it has crossed the government repair allotment.

Therefore, rather than continue to use this vehicle, I kindly request that my current vehicle be replaced with one that is in better condition; It would make my job a lot easier.

Arthur Averill
San Antonio, United States

Application letter Asking Government to Replace Government Vehicle as the Current Vehicle is Not Suitable for the Sites that the Worker Needs to Visit


Address of Respective Department,


Address of Sender,

Dear Sir /Madam,

For the past two years I have been allotted a government vehicle that I have put into good use while travelling on flat land. Recently, I received a transfer letter to be transferred at the Construction Site of Diamer Bhasha Dam as a senior Project Director for the Construction. As I was travelling to the construction Site my assigned vehicle broke down countless times as it was unable to work properly in such high areas with no proper roads.

Though I have been trying my best to work with what I have, I do not want to damage the car in any form. I dearly request you to accommodate me with a new vehicle so that I can travel without damaging any government property. Please accept my request as it is a matter of urgency.

Abdullah Shah Hamd Bukhari
Post of Goverment officer

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