Data Collection Application Letter Request from University

Sample request letter for data collection by university students for research projects of medical field. This request letter for data collection is issued by the University Registrar for the students to collection data from a social work organization.

Research Work Data Collection Letter

Dr. Manzoor
Director Association

Subject: Dental Research Studies Data Collection Request Letter

Dear Dr. Manzoor,

I am Dr. Urooj Sami, working as senior registrar in the dental section of FM College of Medicine, and dentistry. Me, and my mentor Dr. Mehreen Akhtar who is the dean of research in FMH were given the reference to your institute by Dr. Sumbal Arif from the community medicine department who recently conducted a survey in your premises.

We are interested to conduct a study involving children with special needs with regards to their dental status, and oral hygiene. We wish to visit your school, and examine the students to collect data about caries, or any teeth that are missing. The data collected will help us, and others plan better strategies for future prevention of caries, and other dental problems for the special children.

Please let me know. I can visit your campus on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the details.

With best regards,

Dr. Urooj

Data Collection Request Letter from University for research work
Data Collection Request Letter from University

Answer in email to the data collection request letter:

Dear Dr. Rosey Thank you very much for your email dated 10th June XXXX. Somehow, I received your email today. I am sorry the institute is closed for summer vacations w.e.f. 1.6.XXXX. However the institute will re-open for Summer Internship Program from 1.7.XXXX to 18.6.XXXX. Majority of our students will be present. We may plan your activity during this period after proper program agreed. With kind regards, Dr. Urooj

Email from the University for Data Collection

Dear Dr. Rosey Manzoor
Thank you for your kind reply. We will be able to arrange the camp on the dates mentioned by you. I wish to schedule a meeting with you this week, or early next week, and I can explain everything, and discuss any concerns you may have.
With best regards,
Dr. Urooj Sami

Final Email for meeting Time, and Data Collection

Dear Dr. Rosey Manzoor,

I am sorry about the confusions, but i was traveling out of Lahore, and away from computer. I am back sooner than anticipated, and I will come for a meeting Tomorrow, Wednesday at 10 Am.
Again my apologies for any misunderstanding, and rescheduling.
Dr. Urooj

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