Letter For Facilities Request

Sample request letter for facilities in school, college, university, office, or company. Request letter for using facilities. Request for Internet facility. Request for room air cooler, request for ac, request for the cold water cooler, request for heaters, etc.

Letter for Facilities Request

Dear Miss Samantha,

I am writing to request some facilities, we have needed lately. Our IT department needs two machines, and it would be great if you could provide them on time. The following items are needed:

  1.  Water dispenser
  2.  Coffee machine

I am looking for your kind approval.

Thank You,

Your Name

Request Letter For Facilities in College

The principal,

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the recent condition of the campus. As you know summer has arrived, and it is very hot these days. It is very difficult for us to study in such hot weather so I request you on behalf of every student please arrange an air cooler for the students so that they can study properly.

Another request is to install Wi-Fi devices on the campus because nowadays all the work is done online, and it is not possible for all the students to have Wi-Fi all the time with them, and this causes a disturbance during their studies. I hope you will ponder upon my request considering our concern. I shall be really thankful to you for this favor. Thanks

Yours obediently,

Mr. Amir Ateeq
2nd year

Letter for Facilities Request in Apartment

The Landlord.

I am a tenant residing in your housing society since the past two months. When I first moved here I thought I would have no complaints/issues whilst living here but now I feel like I have some problems that are making it almost impossible to stay here.

Sir, the electricity in my apartment always cuts off whenever I turn my refrigerator on, I even called an electrician, and he told me that the wiring in my house is broken, and needs to be fixed. I wrote a letter last week to the Head of society but he never responded back, moreover, I am having major issues regarding 24/7 internet service here. The Buildings internet is too slow for me to meet my requirements. As, I am a freelancer my work solely depends on the availability of internet.

I am writing this letter to request you…to kindly make sure I get both electricity, and internet facility as soon as I can. I request you to kindly fix the electricity wires at my apartment so that I don’t have to face power outage all the time.

Approved requests shall be highly appreciated.
Thanking you,

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