Request Letter to Authority Asking for Change of Exam Center for Students

Sample Letter to Examination authority asking for a change in examination/testing center for students due to some issues. These letters can be used by somehow who has been allotted a center in a different city/a teacher writing for its student’s convenience/ a student facing clashes in exams, and examination centers.

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Application for Change of Examination Center by Student

Dear Examination Controller,

I want to request for change of my examination center from (current center) to (desired center) immediately. The current examination center is far away from my home, and reaching there may take hours for me, and that does not look possible.

I request you to please change the examination center near to my residential area (name your area here, or center name). I will be thankful to you for your kind favor.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name & Roll Number

Request Letter by Student to the Examination Authority Asking for Shift of Exam Center

Examination Commission,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (Your Name), request you to please transfer my Exam Center to any center in Lahore as I will no longer live in Sahiwal, and have shifted my residence to Lahore City.

I used to live in Sahiwal. Therefore I have applied for Secondary Exams from there. Now my family has shifted to Lahore, and I am continuing my education here. I recently received my roll number slip as I found that I was allotted a center in Sahiwal.

As I cannot travel to Sahiwal for all my exams, I dearly request your o shift my exam center to any center in Lahore so that there will be no inconvenience for me, or my parents.

Yours Truly,

Name, Exam Roll number, Address,

Request Letter by School Management to the Examination Authority Asking for Change of Examination Center for the Students

Examination Commission,

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I, (Name), the Senior teacher of ____(School’s Name), want to bring it to your attention that the student’s of our school was allotted an Examination Center quite far from the city. On behalf of my school, I request you to reassign an examination center which is not quite as far as this.

Our school is a trust school, meaning that it runs on donations. Most of our students come from very backward, and poor backgrounds, and are given free education. They cannot afford to travel to such a far place every other day for almost a month. Our school is also facing many financial problems these days. Therefore we are also unable to provide our students with a transport facility. We do not want to burden the students financially when they are already working hard to study.

Yours Sincerely,

Name, Senior Teacher at (Sender’s School)

Request Letter by Student to the Examination Authority Asking for Change of Time, and Center to Avoid Exam Clashes

Examination Commission,


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (Name), request the Examination Committee to please check on my allotted Exam Centers.

I have two exams on the ______(mention date of exams), Mathematics, and Biology (mention subject codes if any). They only have a half an hour gap between the exams, but for me, both have different allotted exam centers, which are almost 45 minutes apart.

I hereby request you to fix this error, and allow me a single exam center for both exams. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible as the exams are in less than a week.

Yours Truly,

Name, Roll number, Address

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