Request to Donate amount for buying few Necessities

This letter can be written to companies who have been funding, or giving donations by organisations who are working for the welfare of our society. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances.

Request to Donate amount for buying Furniture

Name of person you are writing to

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you with great hope, and bliss. We, (mention the name of your organization), work for the needy people who can not afford a luxurious life. Recently, we have started off with a project which is specifically for orphans. With the support of everyone, we have constructed an orphan room with all the necessities of life. But, we lack in the furniture. It is going to cost us 1 Lac 50 thousand to buy furniture for that room but unfortunately, we are out of budget.

Therefore, I am writing to you if you can contribute some amount to our organisation so that we can furnish the room, and that room becomes a home for the orphans who are shelterless. Your company has always done more than we expect, and due to your cooperation a lot of “impossibles” have become “possibles”. I hope that you will help us again.
I hope together we bring smiles to thousands of those children, and be a home to them.

I am anxiously waiting for your positive response. Thanking you in advance. We all shall be very thankful to you

Best Regards,

Name of organisation

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