Request to Donate amount for buying few Necessities


This letter can be written to companies who have been funding, or giving donations by organisations who are working for the welfare of our society. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances.

Request to Donate amount for buying Furniture

Name of person you are writing to

Address of that person


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you with great hope, and bliss. We, (mention the name of your organization), work for the needy people who can not afford a luxurious life. Recently, we have started off with a project which is specifically for orphans. With the support of everyone, we have constructed an orphan room with all the necessities of life. But, we lack in the furniture. It is going to cost us 1 Lac 50 thousand to buy furniture for that room but unfortunately, we are out of budget.

Therefore, I am writing to you if you can contribute some amount to our organisation so that we can furnish the room, and that room becomes a home for the orphans who are shelterless. Your company has always done more than we expect, and due to your cooperation a lot of “impossibles” have become “possibles”. I hope that you will help us again.
I hope together we bring smiles to thousands of those children, and be a home to them.

I am anxiously waiting for your positive response. Thanking you in advance. We all shall be very thankful to you

Best Regards,

Name of organisation

Sample Request Letter to Donate


a letter requesting office space in unused school, and in used office furniture for Non Profit Organisation to department of education

Sample Donation Request Letter for Non Profit Organization


The principal, Blue Whales school London

Respected sir,

We are writing this letter to request you to provide us the rooms which are not in any use, and locked down.  We have new furniture which we have bought for the under privileged students, and we are running out of space. It would be a great gesture of yours if you provide us the space for keeping our furniture. We are a non-profit organization, and always look to people like you who play a vital role in the betterment of society. We expect a positive response from your end.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Smith Jamie

Sample Request Letter to Donate

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with a humble request to ask if you can donate some funds to our nonprofit charity organization. Our cause is of great significance to us, and we have a mission to provide education to children that are not able to afford it themselves. We have been working for the past three years, and our organization has flourished throughout the country spreading its message. We have held conferences at various platforms, and represented our cause at numerous schools, and colleges. We have received a large number of funds from companies, and individuals, and it is because of their support that we stand here today. I hope you will join hands with us so we can continue our duty to provide free, and good quality education.

I hope I will receive an affirmative response from your side, and you will support us to achieve our goal. For further inquiries you may contact the number given below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Contact: ________

Sample Request Letter to Donate

To: Residents living in Hillwood Street
Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States

As we reach the end of the year, we all should reflect on our blessings, and be grateful for everything that we have. Some of you may have received brand new Christmas, or New Years’ presents, which is arguably one of the best feelings in the world.
Unfortunately, some children around the world never get to experience this feeling. To them, New Years’ is just another day. To them, Christmas is just another holiday. Put yourself in the shoes of some of these children.

The American Foundation for Underprivileged Youth is going on a donation drive to collect all kinds of items to donate to low-income families, particularly children. We will be collecting clothes, non-perishable food items, and money.

Please donate generously, and help us change lives!

American Foundation for Underprivileged Youth (AFUY)
Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States

Application for Grant for Nonprofit Organization

 Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter with a humble request that I hope you will accept. Lately, our nonprofit organization has been raising funding for providing equal, and good quality education for girls. This cause is of great importance to us, and we are aware that your company also supports this goal as one of their own. This is why we are reaching out to you with hope that you will help us out with our funding purposes. We request you to please provide us with a grant so that we can continue with our mission to educate girls that will be educating the future generation. Education is a fundamental block to help people grow, and it is important that we educate as many people as we can.

I hope you will provide us with an affirmative response, and support us in our mission. You may contact at the number below to learn more about our organization, funding campaigns, and supporters.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

School Project Proposal for Funding


Sample letter to donor for support of a new school project in underprivileged area.

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for all the support you provided for funding our great, and first of its kind project in the country.

I wish you to sponsor our new project of school in remote area near to my village in the district of T.T.Singh. The concept of the school will entirely be different from traditional schools. As this school will lead to be a university of the future.

Although many other schools of government already working in the area but they have limited seats, resources, old age teachers, and fortunately their environment is not for learning of the students rather to waste the precious life time of our youth, and students.

This school will have extension of college in the near future, and later state of the art university campus will also be added in this project.

Since long i wish to start a small school in this area but unfortunately due to financial issues i couldn’t start this project but few days back i decided to share it with you for financial support.

I want a school both for girls, and boys upto matric level at first stage, and when our first batch reach the Materic level surely we will start college in the same area with extension of the building, and land.

With, and after the college studies we will offer some additional courses of most advance studies leading to entrepreneurial concepts so our graduates will not look for jobs. Simply they will start the businesses.

Currently hardly any university offer business startup courses for mini budgets.

Al Qadeer

School + College + University

Self-Sustaining Education Project as Non-Profit Organization


To provide a quality education for underprivileged area with reasonable fee structure, and compensation to poor students with quota system

Startup, and Expansion Plan

On first stage a school up to primary classes will be initiated

Within 3 years school will be extended to Matric Level

After 5 years a college section will be introduced, and in 5 years it will be converted to a state of the art college for the area.

After 10 years post graduate schools will be started with affiliations

And within 15 years an IT + Business University will be started with latest educational trends, research, leading innovation concepts, and ……..

Budget Requirements

Land Acquisition: minimum 8 canals (Price can be from 2 million to 3 million maximum)

Building Construction: Minimum 10 class rooms, 4 Offices, Boundary Wall

Startup with at least 5 teachers

Total Budget must not exceed 6 million from the startup to become operational school system

Locality Information with demand of education


No major entries of competitors are expected in next few years.

Quality of Education with A+ grade management, and facilities + Campus Size

Electricity + Water + Road structure + Motorway

Center of Faisalabad & Multan


Major Expense is Transport: Available Transport is Riksha + Private Vans + Personal Convenience (motor cycles + cars)

Movement of girls for education


No major private school project on 30 KM long road has access to 30 villages

Easy Access to Lahore Multan Motorway for exposure of university

Huge number of females not going to college

No Existing Job Opportunities in the area for females

No University Exists


Quality of Teaching & Management Staff (Can be overcome by providing small staff quarters in the future with expansion to college, and university)

Sample Request Letter Funding for College


Example of letter requesting authorities to provide funds for necessities of college e.g buildings, or auditoriums to facilitate students.

Sample Letter Requesting Financial Assistance For College


The Education Minister,

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that the fund we received last month for the construction of our new building is not sufficient. As you know that number of students is increasing every year, and there is insufficient place to accommodate all the students. We received half of the amount we quoted.

I request you to process my application so we can continue the construction of the building. Please find attached bills, and other documents regarding the construction process.  New session will be starting by the 10th of July, and we are left with 1 month only. We are supposed to windup all the work within this month. Please pay special attention to my request.  I am looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Cambridge College

Sample Letter for Funding in College


Name of Institution,

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

As you are our most valuable trustee, and we are always thankful to you for being an important part of our college, we are delighted to inform you that student from our college has recently won various prizes both at district, and provincial level; they have added more starts to our college. We have made our name in field of supports as well as other extra-circular activities including speech, debates, and other academic competitions. We are one of the best colleges that provide reasonable fee structure but we never compromise on our studies.

As we are growing, number of our students is also expanding due to which we have to hire more teachers. With this increase of students we lack funds in providing those best possible opportunities where they can enhance their skills, and abilities. We hold a proven record of education, I thereby request your institute to increase, and send the funds which will help us to secure the future of these wonderful students which are our true assists.

Together by joining our hands we can act as catalyst to save the future of our country, I expect that you will hear my request, and grant us funds so that we can implement on our strategies as soon as possible, we are waiting earnestly for your response as we won’t be able to function further without these funds, we value your support highly.

Warm Regards,

Sender’s Name.


Sample Letter Requesting Funding for College

To: Mr. Travola – Headmaster
York College
North York, Ontario, Canada

I hope this letter receives you in good health. I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that we need additional funding for our college.

As you know, our college has a very high reputation, and more, and more students are coming through every year.

We need to create additional buildings to accommodate for the new students.

I request that you hire the contractors to start this work immediately, as the next semester is coming soon.

Thank you, and I await your reply.

Professor Adams
York College
North York, Ontario, Canada

Sample Donation request letter for Cancer Patient


Sample letter to request for donation  for anyone suffering from serious illness can use this template

Donation Request Letter For Poor Patients


Mr. Johnson Bane

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter with all my due respect in order to make a request to you to give me donation for the treatment of my husband who is suffering from cancer. He is admitted to the hospital from last 3 months, and all my savings are already used for his treatment. Doctor has advised treatment for the next 3 months but now I don’t have any amount to spend on his treatment. I am already living from hand to mouth. I don’t have any other source of income. I have 3 children to feed, and to pay school dues. I know you are a very generous man, and always help people who are in state of need. I have great expectations from you. Please find attached medical certificates of my husband, and hospital bills. I request you to consider my request, and help a poor soul to bring back to life. I shall be really thankful to you till my last. I am looking forward to a positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Armish Marshel

HR department

Fundraising Methods for NGO, Charities, Schools, Non Profits, and Businesses


Here you will learn from my 10 years of experience exclusively in fundraising for NGO, and Schools. I will try to provide you a list with details of all the methods we used for fundraising.

As introduction I want to tell that i was very successful to raise funds for my ngo. When I joined this ngo its annual operational expenses were 10 million a year, and now the annual expenses are more than 120 million a year. I am fulfilling all the requirements of my ngo with just a team of 4 members.

You can find our annual plan for fundraising, requirements of budget, yearly activities for fundraising.

Keep in mind my ngo work at one city only, and our donor network is also limited. We are not like bigger ngos who raise funds at national level.

So starting with our main tools for fundraising. I will list down all the methods with priorities we are using.

Donation Request Letters for Fundraising

Direct donation request letters for individuals, and companies with brochure is very useful, and most responsive fundraising method for every NGO, Business, or a charity organization. You shall collect data, and start sending letters, and later screen out the correct data vs incorrect data, responsive data vs non responsive.

Keep in mind on your first letter response will be minimum so you may need to send at least three letters to get maximum response from any data.

  • What to write in Donation Request Letters for Fundraising

You must provide/write a genuine reason to raise funds, and if you are write of old donors than you must start letter with thanking them for their previous contribution.

SMS for Donation Request, and Reminders for Fundraising

Sending donation requests in sms is also becoming most responsive, quick, and cost effective for fundraising. From SMS normally response comes in minutes, and hours.

  • You can have list of donor mobile numbers.
  • You can have list of golden mobile numbers.
  • You can have list of business mans mobile numbers.

Some time sms becomes most irritating so please do not send repeated sms. SMS should be once in two weeks if necessary. not more than this at all.

Followup Phone Calls to Donors for Fundraising

You will find this fascinating when calling to your old donors, and reminding them for donations. Please remember to keep the call very short, and limit to donation request with reason only.

School Campaigns for Fundraising

It is also easy, and great method to raise funds from school. You have to get permission from the school administration for fundraising campaign, and manage to reward the students with appreciation certificates for their participation. The amount depends on the school strength, and financial background of the students.

You can ask the students to sell tickets, or simply give them envelopes with donation request to donate amount, and tell them the reward for certain amounts. You will get very good response.

Donation Boxes for Fundraising

You can place donation boxes in malls, pharmacies, and various other types of shops in your area. But as per my experience donation boxes in pharmacies give maximum outcome. This method also need some struggle like various visits to get permission, and place the box, late collecting amount from the boxes regularly.

Personal Visits to Donors/Companies for Fundraising

Crowd Funding Platforms for Fundraising

You can use the crowdfunding platforms for fundraising as part of your campaign. We also used some platforms, and successfully raised funds for some of our projects. But to use these platforms you need design attractive campaign, and later you have to promote it within your circle for fundraising.

We were using Gofundme, and globalgiving for our fundraising campaigns.

How, and Where We Collect Data of Donors?

We purchase business directories, booklets, phone directories, business unions like chamber of commerce, textile, sugar, steel, software houses, society residents,  society members, and every source where we can find names, addresses, phones, etc related to individuals, and businesses.

Even we are also used to note resident names from the gates of good/worthy houses.

How We Spend Your Donation


An explanation letter to donor that how we spend donations to get more donation from the donor.

Donation Request Letter for School

Dear Ms. Sajida Sharif,

Thank you very much for you call regarding information about donation/zakat spending at AH Foundation. I am very happy to write this email because only few people ask about such details.AH Foundation is one of the largest institute for primary education, and special education in Pakistan with state of the art two campuses with facilities on international standards. We are catering more than 1000 students in our two campuses, and 60% of them are totally free while remaining 35% are highly subsidised.
Most of the children are zakat deserving, and we are very careful about spending zakat, and donations separately, and we also make sure the spending are only for the needy. AH Foundation Spends Rs. 10,000/- per month per child for the following services as per their needs:
  • Psycho Social, and Educational Assessment
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Computer Education
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Physio Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy
  • Speech, and Language Therapy
  • Occupation Therapy
  • Vocational Training
  • Kitchen Training
  • Transportation
  • And many more which can be seen in a visit.
You can send your contribution as sponsorship of the students because this is the best, and direct utilisation of zakat/donations on the needy students. I think my writing isn’t enough to understand our services for deserving Children.
But seeing is believing so I will request you to spare some of your time, and visit as Aurora Company Team to our Head Office any time during 8:30 to 3:00 from Monday to Friday. I am sure you will feel the amazing work AH Foundation is carrying forward for this most neglected noble cause of Education in our country.
I will be very happy to provide any further information that you may require from AH Foundation. Further If required I can visit, or send our brochures with complete information.
Looking for you contribution.
Warm Regards,
Manager Resource Development
AH Foundation

Sample Request Letter for Construction of School Building


Sample of solicitation letter for school improvement. Formal letter for donation request. Sample donation request letter for school building.

Prayer for a Grant for Reconstruction of School Building

Dear people

I am writing to you because I would like your prayers for the grant of the reconstruction of the local school building. The local school of this village is run down it is very old, and falling to pieces. The school is the only school for 20 miles, and the school barley past the last health, and safety inspection. This is due to the structure of the building it needs new foundation. The school board have placed their case to the government, and have raised the necessary money needed to fund it all we need is permission from the government to grant us this.

If we get this then from the time the construction starts it will take up to five months to complete. I know that this is a long time for the school to close down, and I know you are all worried about your children’s education. So don’t be worried we have made an arrangement with village hall to hold the classes for the full time for the construction. We need your prayers, and thoughts I hope, and pray that we get this for the future of the village children.

Kind regards

Village mayor

Sample Request Letter to Donor for Building Construction


Need an example of a project proposal letter  to a donor requesting the construction of toilets for the school.

Dear school donor

I am writing to you because I would like to request that the school have the permission to carry out some construction of the toilets for this school. We are a small school, and we don’t have the right funding we need so anything we get financially goes to important things like teachers, and equipment for the students. However one important thing we have not the money for until recently. Now that we have the money we would like to carry out some construction on our toilets as for over three years we have neglected to get them up to standards. Last week the school safety inspector came, and the one thing he had a problem with was the toilets.

Even though we are a small school we still have 100 students, and at the moment we don’t have toilets in the school because they are not safe. We would like to do construction to make them safe. If we get permission it would take one weekend to complete. We would add toilets so six students can go at one time, and we would include a disabled toilet. We have some other things to modify like the sinks, and the doors. I hope that you will let us do this, and soon so that we can have this school up to safety standards.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Will Young (school head teacher)

Donor Meeting Request Letter


I’m working at the Single Parents Support Foundation. I would like to send a request for a face to face meeting to our sponsors, and donations with the founder, and executives. It’s hard to get sponsors, and donations, and they always declined our letters, and emails so now we want to see them in person to discuss our visions, and missions. Please send me a format of such letter.

Requesting a Meeting with a Potential Donor

Dear all sponsors,

I am writing to you because I would like to request that we have a face to face meeting. The founders, and executives would like to meet with you in person so that they can discuss our work, and that massive help that you all do to contribute. We would also like to discuss our vision of our business, and our mission, or goals for the future.

We plan to have a banquet in our main hall, and use this as the center of the meeting. There will be lunch, and drinks, and even some entertainment. We are all looking forward to meeting each, and every one of you. I hope that you all come.

Kind regards,

Mr. Roger Stuart

Donor Meeting Request Letter                                                                                            

Ms. Julia Emerson

Chief Executive Officer

B & B Group of Companies

New York, USA

Subject: Request to join our donors meeting to be held on October 3, (Date)

Honorable Madam,

As you know that Alpha Welfare is helping people of Africa to rehabilitate from their poor health conditions to a normal life, and your donations have always been among our highest donation funds received annually. Participation of B & B Group of Companies has always been an honor for our Trust. I would like to request your kind presence at our annual donors meeting at our office.

In this meeting, we will discuss the annual report on our performance, and our achievements as you can find enclosed with the invitation letter. Problems faced by our dedicated teams at different levels in Africa will also be discussed. In the end, we would request the suggestions that our donors can give to further improve the scope, and performance of the projects.

Your presence is very important to us, and has its impacts on the much needy people of Africa.

Alpha Welfare will be looking forward to give you a very warm welcome.

Sincere regards,

Anna Wilson


Alpha Welfare

New York