Digikala: Empowering Iran’s Market with Over 12 Million Product Options

Digikala, Iran’s premier online marketplace since 2007, has undergone a remarkable evolution. Transitioning from a traditional retail model to a dynamic marketplace in 2017, Digikala now offers an unparalleled shopping experience with an extensive selection of over 12 million products.

From Electronics to Everything: Digikala’s Expansion Journey

Originally specializing in electronic and digital products, Digikala has blossomed into a comprehensive ecosystem offering a diverse array of goods and services. Embracing the marketplace model has been pivotal, enabling Digikala to exponentially increase its product variety from tens of thousands to over 12 million, effectively reshaping Iran’s retail landscape.

Digikala: Empowering Iran's Market with Over 12 Million Product Options

Enhancing the Shopping Experience: The Retail vs. Marketplace Distinction

In the realm of goods sales, the distinction between retail and marketplace models is significant. While retail involves direct sales from a specific store or company, a marketplace fosters a collaborative environment where multiple sellers converge to offer their products. By transitioning to a marketplace, Digikala has not only broadened its product range but also elevated the shopping experience, positioning itself as the go-to destination for diverse products sourced from across the nation.

Empowering Buyers and Sellers: Digikala’s Vision for Equity and Transparency

With a commitment to eliminating intermediary obstacles and fostering accessibility for all stakeholders, Digikala is driving a path toward enhanced transparency and efficiency within Iran’s supply chain. This transformative journey aims to democratize buyers’ and sellers’ access, ultimately revolutionizing Iran’s buying and selling landscape.

A Beacon of Online Shopping Excellence

Since its inception in 2007, Digikala has soared to prominence, attracting over 41 million unique monthly visits and facilitating 3.5 million unique daily searches. As a testament to its unrivaled stature, Digikala has emerged as the definitive choice for online shopping across Iran.

By seamlessly blending innovation with inclusivity, Digikala continues to shape the future of Iran’s market, offering unparalleled diversity, transparency, and convenience to its valued customers and partners.


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