Tips on Avoiding Data Security Breaches That Everyone Should Know

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to protecting yourself from online breaches. Cyber threats are quite evident and not having the right security protocols will not only leave you vulnerable but can also make you a target.

That’s something you cannot afford, not in this digital age when almost everything is online. Having a breach means the hackers can access your digital assets, which would result in devastating consequences.

Considering this, you need to ensure that any such instances are mitigated. On this note, we’re sharing some tips on protecting against data security breaches that will help you secure your online data from cyberattacks. So, let’s begin:

Using a Secure Internet

An attack doesn’t need to initiate at your end, sometimes it can begin at your provider’s end too. In some cases, hackers can attempt to attack an internet provider’s data center so that data about their clients can be acquired.

In any case, you need to have a safe internet connection so that your primary connection remains safe. For this, ensure that the connection you’re buying comes with security services. Xfinity internet is one such example where you get fast internet alongside the xFi Advanced Security suite that prevents internet breaches. Plus, you can safely connect with them by dialing Xfinity customer service number, and getting the plan for your needs.

Limit Access to Your Data

Yes, almost everything’s online but that doesn’t mean you can’t limit access to that data. Whether you’re a social media marketer, an employee, working online from your home, or just streaming gaming videos, you should limit the access to the data you’re posting online.

From limiting access to your shared drives to limiting viewing options for your social media photos, you should truly consider adopting this practice daily. In addition, ensure that you’re not linking your profiles and accounts to harmful sites and sharing data with every third-party source.

Minimizing Third-Party Interactions

As highlighted earlier, you should mitigate sharing your account details on third-party websites. It’s because these sites and sources use user information for creating a personalized experience for them.

However, that means your privacy is no longer present since such sites, applications, and sources always have access to your data. This data can be from your social media profiles, mail accounts, or even your devices including smartphones, PCs, etc.

In addition, sites collaborate with other vendors (especially if you’re logging into a new site using your social media account). So, in other words, minimize connecting to too many websites and linking them with your online accounts.

Avoid Opening Malicious/ Suspicious Links

Your coworker’s on leaves and you suddenly receive an email in their name but from a personal account. Instead of opening that, you should delete it and contact your network administrator because that’s phishing in progress.

In many cases, data breaches begin with phishing attacks that lead to capturing credentials and data from the victim’s device. Once it’s done, the hacker can proceed to other nodes with similar attack practices.

Hence, ensure that any such emails or website links aren’t opened. On that note, consider adding parental control protocols if you have children since they can open such links without knowing better.

Use Better Passwords

In addition to avoiding malicious/ suspicious links, ensure that you’re using strong passwords. Keeping your birth date, pet’s name, etc. is a bad idea since a little mind to it and these can be guessed.

Plus, you’ll probably be posting pictures with your pet and have entered your birth date so it won’t be an issue for the hacker to guess it. Therefore, it’s high time you use strong passwords; strong but not difficult enough that you forget them.

Use alphanumeric passwords with symbols in a generic pattern. Avoid writing it down since it can get into the wrong hands in any manner. Ensure that you remember it and minimize saving it for different websites.

An attack on that website can lead to a data breach on their end. Having saved your user credentials will automatically provide access to your account as well.

Get Premium Antivirus Software

Even if your provider is offering you protection software, ensure that you buy on your own. Not only do you get better security, but you’re able to customize the software according to your security needs.

You can set parental controls, screen time control, monitoring and security protocols, etc. as you like. Such options may or may not be present with the security software provided by your internet company. 

Plus, modern protection software comes equipped with modern defenses against the latest internet menaces. So, it’s always recommended to have premium protection software on your devices.

Monitor Your Accounts

While you’re implementing security protocols, keep an eye on your online accounts, especially the financial ones. Lack of privacy can lead to numerous devastating consequences including identity theft, financial losses, ruined credit, and much more.

That’s why you need to ensure that your online accounts are not only secure but monitored. Keep a close eye on login attempts and ensure that you’re running two-factor authentication for all your accounts.

That way, the hacker will need multiple permissions, and meanwhile, you’ll be notified of any access attempt too. There’s always something you can do to prevent data breaches and doing so will surely keep you safe!

Closing Thoughts

Even if you think you’ve done enough, cybersecurity will always stay on top of your head. Therefore, data security should be prioritized at all times, and implementing the above tips will help you avoid it in many cases.

Author: David Beckham

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