Speech as school nominated as best public high schools in USA after the results

The school was ranked 1st after the communication of result. The mayor has organised a private award ceremony, and you have been called to present a speech on behalf of your classmate, the governor is present. Imagining that you are Lami Paul, write a speech in about 150 words, and in 2 paragraph

Speech after School Nominated for Best High School

To our valuable students, and teachers,

I have excellent news to share with everyone. Barrie Public School has been nominated as the best public high school in the entire country!
An achievement like this does not come at random. It takes effort, it takes resilience, and it takes pride. Our school does it better like no one else.

For this, I would like to thank both the teachers, and the students. Our teachers have a learning guideline that adapts to each, and every student; a system that will keep being refined every year. A big thank you to all the teachers here! Our students have shown to be interested in their work, and they are proud of their school. They rarely get into trouble, but when they do, we realize it’s just a natural thing, and we do not punish our students; rather we correct them, and accept that it was a mistake. This has shown to be extremely effective, and instills a sense of pride, and belonging for our students. So, a big thank you to all our students!

As one of the many ways of saying thanks to everyone, we will be hosting various events, and parties for our amazing students! For now, let’s keep up the amazing work, and I’ll let everyone know about the great events coming ahead!

Lami Paul
Principal – Barrie High School
New York, NYC, United States

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