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Sample Motivation Letter for Scholarship Undergraduate

Dear Sir,

I belong from a remote under developed village from Bahawalpur (south Punjab). I have passed matric, and intermediate examination from local high school, and college with 90%, and 94% marks respectively in both the degrees. Sir, for further education I can not afford the education fee for a university degree. I request you to please grant me scholarship in any university where I could get my higher education without fearing finance issue. I have a great esteem, and motivation for higher education, and serving my dear homeland as you can asses it through my academic career so far. In my family nobody has ever reached a university because of the financial problems. Your help, and support can change my life

Thanks, and regards


Examples of Scholarship Application Letters

Among the factors of climbing the peak of success, quality education plays the most vital role in one’s life. I, Nouman Zaib, am a recent Master of English Linguistics, and Literature from NUML Lahore, and previously a BA from University of Gujrat, Gujrat. Although both have proven to be the key for a good part of my academic career; the degrees availed me of professional internship opportunities as well as lower grade jobs. Moreover, I have gotten the exposure of the local universities which I could afford financially.

Having BS, MS, and professional job experience, I am aiming at having a research opportunity in the international set-up to put my hidden abilities in practice. There are two major reasons behind why I wish to pursue my PhD in Indonesia on scholarship. The first, and the most important is that scholarship will make it easier for me as a research scholar to focus on the research. The other is to have the international exposure so that I could come back to my country, and hence contribute to the education system with the reforms regarding research. The whole plan has strong bindings, and ties with my personal benefits too in the long run.

Furthermore, as I have been to Indonesia, I have the knowledge of how the research is conducted in the field of Linguistics. Possessing the C1 level certification of Bhasa Indonesia, I am geared up to do study, and research on comparison between Sociolinguistics in the context of English, and Bhasa Indonesia. Therefore, I am very optimistic to grab this life changing opportunity of scholarship.

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