Welcome Speech for Prize Distribution Day


Sample speech in English for prize distribution day. Speech for prize giving ceremony in school. Welcome Speech for School Prize Giving Day Event in School, College, or University.

Speech For Prize Distribution Day (Principle)

In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficent, welcome to the Annual Prize Distribution day. With all my heart I cordially thank the parents, and the students for showing up here today upon our request.

Annual prize distribution day is a prestige event that our school holds every year. The main aim of this event is to reward the students who achieve excellence in their studies, and are always a step ahead than the others. I am very happy to announce that this year a lot of students are on that mark, and they shall be rewarded respectively.

The annual prize distribution day is not just a day to reward our students but, this day is specially organized to make our students believe that their efforts do not go unrecognized, and that they are an asset of this school, and this country.

Parents surely appreciate their children upon securing excellent marks in their academics however the school believes that just appreciating isn’t enough. Children need motivation, motivation to continue their studies in an excellent way, this creates a sense of motivation among the students, making them able to continue further the same way they have been.

To appreciate our students, we now will begin our Annual Prize Distribution ceremony.

I will end my speech by thanking all of you here today that took time out of your busy routines, and came here on our request. Enjoy Yourselves!

Sample Leave Application for Death Anniversary


Sample leave application for school, office to attend the demise of the father, or death anniversary of the father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, uncle, etc., leave application after being absent on Grandmother, grandfather, etc.

Sample Leave Application for Death Anniversary

The Business Manager

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited


Dear Sir,

Today is my mother’s death anniversary, and I have planned a praying in memory of her at my residence. Therefore, I request you kindly allow me to leave for today from the office to let me brand necessary arrangements. I hope you shall approve and favor me in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

Raza Hussain

Leave Application to Attend Demise Ceremony

The Principal

Subject: Short leave for observing father’s death anniversary

Dear Sir,

It has been two years that my father passed away.  Each year the day of his tragic demise brings back many memories to me, leaving me very somber. My father and I had many dreams to accomplish after I had a job. But, sadly, not everything works as planned.

Nevertheless, to commemorate my father, I humbly request you to grant me a short leave from work tomorrow (date) so that I can fully dedicate this day to him, praying for his eternal peace.

Thanking you in advance.


Shahid Aziz

Lecturer Mathematics

Leave Application After Being Absent on Demise

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, I am informing you that yesterday (Date) I couldn’t come to the office due to my grandmother’s demise. She passed away 4 years back, and she was such a nice lady, so we always remember her. So I request you to please approve my yesterday’s leave. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Asma Ch.

Marketing Executive

Leave Letter for Death Anniversary

The Manager HR,

Supreme flour Limited

Dear Sir,

I inform you that I, Ilyas Ali, have been working as assistant marketing manager in the marketing department of this company as you know that my uncle had died due to a heart attack in Hyderabad last year.

It has been one year since he died. The family has decided to have a pray on his death anniversary. I loved my uncle as he was dear to us. So I request you to please grant me leave for Saturday to go & pray for his soul to rest in peace.

I will be thankful for this favor.


Ilyas Ali

Leave Application for Death Anniversary

Dear Boss,

I want to have a leave for tomorrow because tomorrow is my father’s death anniversary, and we have a prayer in our house. But, unfortunately, the timings are between the office timings so I will not be able to come to the office. So kindly grant me a leave for tomorrow.

I will be thanking you for this.

Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony


Sample leave application due to Nikah Ceremony of your own at home, out of town, in another city, or country. You can also use this leave application to attend the Nikah ceremony of yourself, your friend, son, daughter, uncle, or anyone else. Some people arrange Nikah before the marriage ceremony.

Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony from Office

The HR Manager,

Active Media Company.

Subject: Leave due to nikkah ceremony

Dear Sir,

I am thrilled to share the news of my nikkah ceremony on (Date) at my hometown, Faisalabad. Since I have to make many arrangements for this occasion, I request you kindly grant me leave from office for five days, (Date) To (Date), and kindly sanction me the salary for this month before I leave. I shall remain much obliged to you.


Asim Janjua.

Production Manager

Leave Application Due To Nikkah Ceremony

The Manager,

Human Resource Department

Dear Sir,

My younger brother’s Nikkah ceremony is going to be held afternoon tomorrow. Being his only elder brother, I have been given the responsibility by my parents for taking care of all the arrangements in this regard. As you know, efficient and successful management of such ceremonies takes due to time and care. So, I shall be grateful to you for granting me leave for tomorrow to make timely arrangements for the ceremony and become a part of the long-lasting memories of my family members.

The invitation letter for the Nikkah ceremony is enclosed. It will be a great pleasure and honor if you could also attend the ceremony tomorrow.

I look forward to your approval of my leave application and your participation in the ceremony.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,


Leave Letter for Nikah Program

The Manager Sales,

Rahim Enterprises,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I, Khalid Shiekh, have been working as Zonal Sales Manager in Rahim Enterprises. It gives me immense pleasure to share that my sister’s nikkah date has been fixed, which is the 10th of this month.

The ceremony is being held in a wedding hall located in the city area. Being an elder brother, I have more responsibility to arrange and organize all tasks. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days to fulfill this holy event.


Khalid Sheikh

Leave Application For Attending Marriage Ceremony


Sample leave application to attend marriage ceremony of cousin, son of uncle, daughter of uncle, or any other relation where to want to go to attend the marriage.

Leave Letter for Attending Marriage Ceremony

Adamjee Insurance Co.,

Dear Sir,

The reason of my writing this application to you is that there is a wedding coming over in my family involving close relationships. I cannot ignore it due to immediate relatives involved in it. I want to request to you that please grant me the leave for 3 days. I shall be extremely grateful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Leave Application For Attending Marriage Ceremony

Dear Sir,

I am Nasreen, internal auditor writing for leave of one night shift of tomorrow. I have to attend a marriage ceremony of my cousin. He is also a very close friend of mine, and I don’t want to miss this beautiful ceremony  of his life. Alternatively I can attend the office in day shift after your recommendation. Please allow me leave for one night shift. Thanking you.


Internal Auditor

Leave to Attend Marriage Ceremony

Dear GM,

I am seeking 4 days leave from office to attend marriage ceremony of my Aunt in my village. My father asked me to participate in the marriage as he is not available in the country. You know this is just like a responsibility as a family member to attend her marriage. So I again request you to please grant me leave for four days starting from tomorrow (Tuesday). I will be highly thankful to you.


Irfan Ahmad

Leave Letter to Attend Marriage

Respected Manager Production,

Good Morning. I am Aslam Khan, and I have been working as Production executive in your factory. I belong to Scotland, my family lives there. It is giving me pleasure to share with you that my parents have decided the marriage of my younger sister.

Although, I could not reach, and attend her engagement ceremony as it was organized with the gap of only one day, and the marriage date has been fixed which is 25th of next month. For this, I would need to join the marriage ceremony of my beloved sister.

I request you to grant me leave for 5 days so I can carry out the necessary preparations, and help my family for successful wedding function. It will be your kindness.


Aslam Khan

Leave Application For Attending Marriage Ceremony

Leave for Marriage in Relatives

Dear Sir,

The reason of my writing this application to you is that there is a wedding coming over in my family involving close relationships. I cannot ignore it due to immediate relatives involved in it. I want to request you that please grant me the leave for 3 days.

I shall be extremely grateful to you.


Leave Application to Attend Marriage of Cousin

Mr. Alex Thornton

Chief Financial Officer

ABC Company,



Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health.

I may bring into your notice that the marriage ceremony of my cousin is scheduled in the 3rd Week of March XXX. To attend the ceremony, I need to go back to my village. You may appreciate my punctuality as far as my leaves are concerned.

You are hereby requested to please grant me leave for 2 weeks commencing from 05 March, XXX, and expected to end on 19 March, XXX.

I shall be really obliged, and anticipating reasonable favor from your side.

Thanking you, and with profound regards.

Alan Taylor

Manager Accounts, and Finance

Invitation Letter for Cheque Distribution Ceremony


Invitation Letter for Cheque Distribution Ceremony for employees, visitors, winners, sports, toppers, clients, franchise staff, prize distribution, and other events.

Invitation Letter for Cheque Distribution

President/Hon. CEO,
AH Foundation

Dear Sir,

Compliments from LCCI.

The office bearers, and Executive Committee members of LCCI are pleased to present their humble contribution vide Cheque No. 348578 dated 17 August amounting to Rs. 130,000/- as a donation for the noble cause of helping the ailing humanity. It is an effort to fulfill our cooperate social responsibility.

In view of the above a cheque distribution ceremony will be held on Monday the August 27, at 1500 hours at LCCI. You are requested to please make it convenient to attend.

The LCCI assures you of its best possible cooperation at all times to come.

With Kind Regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Secretary General

Invitation Letter for Cheque Distribution Ceremony

Invitation Letter for Cheque Distribution Ceremony

Mr. Jones,

Dear Sir,

It is a pleasure to inform you that you have been selected for the merit based scholarship under Governor’s Literacy, and formal education scholarship program. The cheque distribution ceremony will be held on Oct, 15th in parade ground at 1600 hours in which the Governor will distribute the cheques to the qualified persons himself. You are invited in the ceremony to receive your scholarship cheque.

Please do not forget to bring this invitation letter with you on the said day otherwise your entry will be banned. You are requested to take care of the time.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,


Welcome Address for New Students, or Internees


Sample welcome address for new students in school, college, university, or training center.

Welcome Address for New Students

Dear Students,

My Name is ____________, and I welcome you all on the behalf of [Organization]. We are really grateful that all of you chose {organization name} for your summer internship, and we assure to assist you in the best possible manner. Since (Date), we have been conducting this internship program since (Date) to provide students like you with the perfect platform to understand the practicality of work here and realize your social responsibilities towards the less privileged children that we have in our institution.

[Organization} was founded by our president in 1984. Since then, this institution has grown in stature and fame and has clawed its way to becoming the largest privately run welfare society of its type. We have over 500 students here at our campus with various mental and physical disabilities. Over the next 3 weeks, you will interact a great deal with these special children, and we expect all of you to handle them with the utmost care and sincerity.

I hope that you take all the experiences and lessons you learn and some cherish-able memories with you. I welcome you again to this wonderful institution that has been serving society over the past 3 decades.

Thank you very much