Welcome Address for New Students, or Internees

Sample welcome address for new students in school, college, university, or training center.

Welcome Address for New Students

Dear Students,

My Name is ____________, and I welcome you all on the behalf of [Organization]. We are really grateful that all of you chose {organization name} for your summer internship, and we assure to assist you in the best possible manner. Since (Date), we have been conducting this internship program since (Date) to provide students like you with the perfect platform to understand the practicality of work here and realize your social responsibilities towards the less privileged children that we have in our institution.

[Organization} was founded by our president in 1984. Since then, this institution has grown in stature and fame and has clawed its way to becoming the largest privately run welfare society of its type. We have over 500 students here at our campus with various mental and physical disabilities. Over the next 3 weeks, you will interact a great deal with these special children, and we expect all of you to handle them with the utmost care and sincerity.

I hope that you take all the experiences and lessons you learn and some cherish-able memories with you. I welcome you again to this wonderful institution that has been serving society over the past 3 decades.

Thank you very much

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