Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony

Sample leave application due to Nikah Ceremony of your own at home, out of town, in another city, or country. You can also use this leave application to attend the Nikah ceremony of yourself, your friend, son, daughter, uncle, or anyone else. Some people arrange Nikah before the marriage ceremony.

Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony from Office

The HR Manager,

Active Media Company.

Subject: Leave due to nikkah ceremony

Dear Sir,

I am thrilled to share the news of my nikkah ceremony on (Date) at my hometown, Faisalabad. Since I have to make many arrangements for this occasion, I request you kindly grant me leave from office for five days, (Date) To (Date), and kindly sanction me the salary for this month before I leave. I shall remain much obliged to you.


Asim Janjua.

Production Manager

Leave Application Due To Nikkah Ceremony

The Manager,

Human Resource Department

Dear Sir,

My younger brother’s Nikkah ceremony is going to be held afternoon tomorrow. Being his only elder brother, I have been given the responsibility by my parents for taking care of all the arrangements in this regard. As you know, efficient and successful management of such ceremonies takes due to time and care. So, I shall be grateful to you for granting me leave for tomorrow to make timely arrangements for the ceremony and become a part of the long-lasting memories of my family members.

The invitation letter for the Nikkah ceremony is enclosed. It will be a great pleasure and honor if you could also attend the ceremony tomorrow.

I look forward to your approval of my leave application and your participation in the ceremony.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,


Leave Letter for Nikah Program

The Manager Sales,

Rahim Enterprises,

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I, Khalid Shiekh, have been working as Zonal Sales Manager in Rahim Enterprises. It gives me immense pleasure to share that my sister’s nikkah date has been fixed, which is the 10th of this month.

The ceremony is being held in a wedding hall located in the city area. Being an elder brother, I have more responsibility to arrange and organize all tasks. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days to fulfill this holy event.


Khalid Sheikh

Leave Application Due to Nikah Ceremony

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